Monday, January 11, 2010

Online Classes--I'm a Fan

Belinda here:

It's Monday again. Here in the Atlanta area we are in the midst of a really cold spell. I mean it's been below freezing for well over a week. I know a lot of people reading this have a lot colder weather, but you have to understand, we in the south aren't used to this much cold for this long.
But we're dealing.

Now onto the post. I'm taking an online class regarding revision. Since I'm in that process of my book I decided I needed some help. And the class is helping. A lot. I haven't taken a whole lot of classes online. I tried a couple of months ago with our F.A.I.T.H. girl Angie when she was offering her Battling Your Inner Pirates And Win!click here for more info. I started the class and it was going great. Very helpful insights shared with the other wonderful people who took the class, but then my internet went down for pretty much the whole month of November. But I saved the class in a file. Great option.

I have only taken one other class online. And it was a few years ago. But I think I'm becoming a really big fan. You can interact with other people, have conversations and learn from these classes. In this age of technology we are all broadening our horizons and getting out of boxes we may have been staying in.

What about you? Have you taken a lot of online classes? Are you a fan, too? I hope so. I think they are becoming a great tool for all scopes of life.


  1. Hi Lindy,

    It is soooooooo cold here in GA!

    I love taking online classes! I've taken 4 or 5 since I joined ACFW. The classes have been very informative, instructors knowledgeable and I got to "know" a lot of people!

  2. Good post Cuz, as usual, but Im changing the subject entirely to get my CONGRATS out to Christy !! Im glad she and the baby are both doing well. Thanks for letting me know !
    Cuz Wendy

  3. I LOVE online classes, Lindi. I've taken a gazillion. :)

    And yes, we should have put up a notice about Christy today! She had her baby on Sunday morning. Mom and baby are doing well!!

  4. I have taken so many classes online that there is no way I could count them. Some I've kept and stored and some I have just printed. Others, I haven't kept, but absorbed all I could.

    I'm taking one online right now through ACFW. (For $50 first year and $40 every year after that for my membership, I get 10 or more online month-long classes!) This month is janice Thompson teaching me how to make money writing!

    I've been doing this for about 4 or 5 yrs now and feel like I have such a better education for it! I've also taken classes by telephone, called a teleseminar. There are certain instructors that I've taken everything they have to offer and still feel like they have more to teach me! An example would be Margie Lawson.

    I love the flexibility online classes give me in time and topic. Sometimes I get a lot of the class done during the day and sometimes I have to do nights and weekends. But online is available for me that way!

    I teach online classes (thank you, Lindi, for mentioning them!) I've found that as a teacher, online is perfect. I can upload a lecture, and have discussion, and then if needed I can privately email with my student. So much flexibility! I love it!

    PS My online classes are offered at

  5. Edwina,
    Online classes are a great way to "meet" people.
    Hope to see you Saturday.

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  7. Cuz,

    Thanks for bringing up Christy. She and the little one are doing great...
    It was also great talking to you today.
    Love mostest to you!!

  8. Missy,
    I think I would take more, but sometimes it just doesn't seem like I have the time. But at least with online you can save the classes on your computer and work at your own pace.

  9. Ang,

    Your class was great. And I can tell you are a Pro at them. You did such a fabulous job with your class.