Sunday, January 31, 2010

Progress toward the Goal

Christy here....Over on the Seeker's Blog, Audra Harders wrote about her first sale to Steeple Hill. She just got "the call" from Melissa Endlich a few days ago. Audra wrote that she started writing when her son was 6 months old. Her son is now 17 years old...

Way to go, Audra! We all know how quickly time can pass, but sometimes we feel every day of every year that goes by and it seems we'll never reach our goals.

I attended my first writer's meeting about eight years ago but didn't begin to seriously pursue my dream of becoming published until 4 years ago. Compared to Audra's journey and others I know, I'm still a toddler concerning this desire to become published.

Here on the FAITH blog, the six of us are sitting in different places concerning our writing careers. We're all moving forward at our own pace and dealing with our individual challenges as they come along. We try to encourage each other and keep moving forward no matter what interupts our course.

How long have you pursued a goal, or dream?

Are you pleased with how far you've come? What changes do you want to make to reach your goal? What or Who encourages you?

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  1. Hi Christy,

    What an encouraging post!

    I am still an infant - a newborn - to writing. I started just under 2 years ago by taking some creative writing classes on line. There is so much to learn but I am loving every minute!

    The change I need to make - is more of being consistent - rather than changing. I need to consistently write every day. I do writing "stuff" - editing, research, or something - every day, but not always writing!

    Everyone at ACFW is a great encouragement and my family is my cheering squad!