Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who Inspires You?

Christy here...

Believe it or not, I started on this post this morning. Now, I'm back at the computer and wanted this to be a priority to finish. I've missed blogging here on FAITH and keeping up with my gal-pals on what they've been posting every day. The last month of my pregnancy had me busy or tired or both and alas, no posting for me the last few weeks.

Well, without further ado, let me introduce my little bundle of joy who's keeping me up late at night and has me getting up early in the morning. This picture was taken a few days ago of little William. He's a good baby who only cries when you change his clothes, his diaper, or when I haven't gotten the bottle prepared quick enough. Well, even I'm a little cranky when I'm hungry...

Like I said, my little boy has me up late and rising early. At two weeks post-pardum, I'm gradually getting back into the swing of things. And as you all know, getting back into the swing ultimately points to my writing. This week, it'll be me and my little guy during the day and there shouldn't be many interruptions. Minimal interruptions should equal more writing time for me. More writing time had better produce the submission of my work to those who've requested it and I pray they haven't decided to pass on me due to my procrastination.

So I'm inspired because I'll be working completely at home for the next few weeks. There's a lot I want to accomplish, to finish, to begin. Yes, in that order...

Today, I began to think of people who inspire me. I woke up and had church on my couch, remembering who encouraged me to watch Dr. Charles Stanley from a very early age. That person is my Granny, pictured below...

Granny didn't tell me to watch Dr. Stanley, she watched him every Saturday night, Bible open in her lap, making notes as the program unfolded. I didn't begin to watch Dr. Stanley until I became an adult, but I always think of my Granny when I watch him. He always brings a message that speaks to me, always giving me a message I need to hear, at the right time.

Granny inspired me to be a voracious reader. She loved Danielle Steele novels and read other authors as well. She read magazines and Guideposts. She introduced me to the movie, Gone With the Wind and bought me the novel in paperback. I still have that paperback. The pages are yellowed and torn, peeling out of the binder. I won't ever voluntarily part with that edition.

I started typing on Granny's old electric brown typewriter. I copied the first few lines out of Gone With the Wind, pretending I was writing my own novel. I took up reading, finding one of my most favorite things to do was to curl up in the chair until I finished a book. Later, I began writing my own stories, refusing to share them with anyone. My, how things change.

My sweet Granny passed away on April 21, 1998. I have no doubt she reached Heaven, glad to meet Jesus and bow down before Him. She would have been reunited with her husband, and family and friends that had gone before her. All my memories flood forward as if they happened yesterday. Especially since today, January 24th, is Granny's birthday. She would have been 92 if she were still alive. And still, she inspires me...

Who inspires you?


  1. Hi Christy! Thought I'd drop you a line even though I just got off the phone with you not long ago.

    Too cute picture! I know you're enjoying just sitting with your newest family addition and staring with wonder. I remember those days.

    Who inspires me?? Can't really answer that one because no one person ever really inspired me to write. I just always knew I wanted to write and make a difference through my words. My mother always wrote poetry and it was a encouraging when I found out we had that in common. She also likes to tell people I'm writing a book even though I keep stressing to her I've gotten no offers for publication yet.

    I could also say my husband inspires me, but more often than not he's the one nagging me to keep going. Could nagging be considered inspiration?? I guess so.

    So there you have it. My mom and my darling other half are the two prominent people in my life who encourage me to keep going with my writing.

  2. Christy,
    Great post.
    As far as who inspires me I'd say all the people who encourage me. I've never had a person in the family who wanted to write. I've been an avid reader like your for years...I've always read. Always. Can't imagine not wanting to read.

    Thanks for sharing the cute pic also!
    Glad you're back.

  3. Glad to have back, Twinkie. Still wishing I could get my hands on that bundle. Give him a squeeze for me.

  4. Precious blog post. Your bundle of joy is sooo cute!