Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Writing By Faith

Oh goodness, am I ever writing by faith! Searching for the words to describe the perfect examples. Wondering how to best teach concepts in non-fiction while I build a speech.

What will connect with the reading hearts?
What will connect with listening hearts?

They're two different ways to communicate.

I prayed and prayed this morning about what needs to go down on the page (aka the computer screen.) Over and over I kept getting the image of one person. Each chapter didn't so much appear, but the figure of a person did. Not always the same person, but still only one.

Hmm. Thinking about it, I'd heard years ago to write our books as if to only one. So if I take the topic of each chapter in Courageous Beauty and pray about that one person who would be blessed by it, then I write, I think I may have the correct heart and mindset to put it into action.

I thought even more about that as I went about my morning. I'm a life coach. I often work one-on-one. Somehow the right message is spoken in that setting to help each person for their situation. So why not write the chapters that way? Hmm.

I'm a bit excited all of a sudden. I've been spinning my wheels on a few ways to present the material and suddenly I feel as if God ordained the way it should go. I'm to write each chapter as if it is a life coaching session. The book will still have interview material from 30 beauty queens, but more as points of interest and great pondering points. It'll still be teaching the overarching theme of confidence and courage, but now in a logical order.

A dawning morning brings with it the dawning of a new way. Not my way, but the Lord's. (I think He's up there smiling saying something like, "Finally, she gets it. Whew! I wondered how long it would take.")

Have you ever spun your wheels over something and forgotten to ask directions?
Maybe you've asked but not understood the answer?


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  1. Yes, I've done that...being someone who likes to figure things out. Asking directions also means waiting for the answer which I sometimes forget to do, LOL. Thanks for the great reminder!