Wednesday, February 24, 2010


What would you do if your life were critiqued? It will be one day. Not by humans or by angels, but by the Lord God himself.

I've thought about that a lot lately. Three people I know have lost their mothers in the last 10 days. And we here lost our friend, Wendy.

I have felt loss acutely through the death of loved ones and beloved pets. But it isn't in the losses or the sadness that we'll be judged. These are not punishments. Just the cycle of life as we know it on this planet.

The question that comes up for me as a writer, how well did I tell the story? How clear was  my message?

I decided that I needed to make sure that my own true story has a very clear message. I know I will be critiqued by the Mighty One when all is said and done, but I would rather have him offering his wise critique suggestions down here, right now.

If my life were a story, how clear is my message?

As I ask this question, I'm led to ask for constructive feedback to help me cut out the extra and enrich the details that make my purpose and message unique. If God is true to His word, He will answer my prayer and grant me wisdom because He wants what is best for me. It's like God is the ultimate critique partner.

I just want Jesus to critique the manuscript of my life before it gets submitted to be published eternally. You know? I'd like another set of eyes helping rid my manuscript of errors, omissions, and plot holes. I just might be a bit more polished instead of being a rough draft with a little help from my Critique Partner.

Have you ever thought of Jesus being your critique partner on the manuscript of your life?

Angie Breidenbach has Martha Rogers book up. It's so special because I am blessed to be encouraged by someone like Martha who showed me life is a constant pursuit of all the dreams God puts inside of us and age isn't a factor!


  1. Angie- great analogy. Thanks for sharing this. It has given me something to think about throughout today.

  2. Angie, Wow! I've never thought of this in this manner before. Yes, I'd rather the Lord give me guidance NOW, rather than when I'm before him :) Great post!

  3. Oh Angela,
    This is beautiful. I just finished writing a similar blog about God editing our lives...LOL. Edit? Critique? Close to the same thing, right? ;-)
    It's a beautiful reminder, sometimes painful, but the end results are a bestseller

  4. Thank you for thinking about this with me Dianna, Christi, and Pepper. It's really struck me and I'm seriously praying about this aspect of God's hand in my life. I'm glad it connected with you all too.