Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Holy Spirit

Missy here. I wanted to share with you today a short excerpt from the new book my ladies Bible study is reading. The book is a study of the Holy Spirit titled The Helper, by Catherine Marshall. And here's the quote I loved so much (from page 26):

Only the Holy Spirit could give them the ability to communicate truth to other people; could supply them with in-depth perception into the needs of others; could give them a message; convict of sin; heal; administer the infant Church--in short, equip them for service.

Don't you just love that? Such a great reminder. If we want to share God's truths in our stories, then we need to be filled with His Spirit. Otherwise, how do we know we're not just writing our own ideas? Sure, we may want to share things we've learned about God, but we need to make sure they're spiritually sound. And the Holy Spirit can help guide us.

Would you share a truth you've learned or been reminded of in a recent book you're reading?



  1. Missy,

    Did Catherine Marshall write the book Christy?

    One of the biggest truths I've learned is that we can't love with the love of God if we don't truly know God's love.

  2. Yes, she did, Lindi. This book has been around forever. I think I read it in college. :)

    Thanks for sharing what you've learned. Very true.

  3. That it is my job to write the words that will plant seeds as He leads me, but it is the Holy Spirit's job to get my words to the individuals who need to read/hear it at the right time that they need it. He will do the watering and the increase.

    Thanks for sharing, Missy!

  4. Jenn,

    You are so right. And He can do it all!

  5. I've found on the days that I get rushed and don't acknowledge God's part in my writing, speaking, or even my day that those are the days I get lost in confusion and cannot produce anything of quality. I look back on a wasted day. That is the truth I have learned. Very practical and crucial. My goals are tied up in the person God made me to be. When I forget that He made me for my purpose, I get off track. If I want to achieve my dreams and life purpose, I need to be plugged in to the maker of my dreams and goals.