Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is It Worth A Do-Over?

Angie here. Have you ever wanted to do something over? Do it better so you can feel proud of your achievement?

Oh yes, I've wanted to have a do-over many times in my life. But this time, I'm getting it.

I've pulled out a novel I finished, but it wasn't good enough. I set it aside. In the last week, I've had a few things happen that revitalized my desire to create the phoenix from the ashes.

The biggest epiphany for me was that I had a great rough draft. It's good story line with a few problems. Problems I learned how to overcome through the writing education I've received in the last couple of years.

After praying for direction and lots of help, I felt God leading me back to that story if I'd be willing to listen to His plan for that book and not mine.

I'm excited. Because I am willing to listen. In the last year, I've found a critique partner that I trust and who enjoys working with me. She committed to a heavy critique schedule.

One thing I want to mention here is that no one is self-made. No author writes alone. It may sound funny for all the talk about reclusive writers, but every writer answers to an editor and must comply with the publisher's expectations. An intelligent author builds a strong critique relationship (and friendship) with another author. No author becomes successful alone.

My critique partner is excited too. I've sent her the rough draft and told her the problems I see that need fixing. I expect to hear back from her some issues I missed too. But the most exciting thing? I get a do-over :-)

If you could do something over again, what would it be?

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  1. Angie, that's what's so nice about revising! We can do it over and over and over. The hard part is declaring it done and submitting it! LOL

    Good luck on your revising!


  2. I like do-overs in life too. Darn, that's not realistic. Sometimes it would be cool to be a fictional character and be able to do over ;-)

  3. I often want to do a do-over, but I'd rather snap my fingers than go through all that time again.

  4. Wouldn't it be nice to go back and redo some of the things you have done or said. Life would be so different.


  5. It sure would! In critique meeting today, my character not only got a do-over, but she got a completely new character trait. It'll be a stronger story for what she now has to face. And we all have a stronger testimony for what we've had to face. But now and then, I still wistfully wish for a do-over :-)