Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Learning Curves

Are you learning something new? I've heard it's good to keep learning through out our lives to help stave off the difficulties of an aging brain.

But let me tell you that sometimes the learning curve multiplies into many learning curves and feels like it might just as well be the ocean. Ever feel that way? Too much to learn at once?

This month I've been learning, inhaling really, every possible way to work smarter, faster, stronger, longer... Oh I could go on :-)

Transitioning from a full time day job to full time writer and speaker is a much bigger leap mentally than I imagined. Let me share (you need a good chuckle since it's mid-week, don't you?)

In my head, I saw myself waking and walking leisurely up to my new office where I would enjoy a piping hot latte while reading a lovely devotional. Then I'd pray and write. I'd break at lunch, write some more, break for exercise, write some more until I closed my laptop to go make dinner. Some days I'd enjoy a little time spent marketing online or in material creation. I saw a smile on my face as I wrote a talk for a women's retreat or keynote speech. (Yes, I would love an invitation to speak to women's retreats and organizations. Please contact me for yours.)

Erkkkk! (That's my sports car screeching to a halt.)

Somehow I find that I have something new to learn each day from new programs to new website widgets to even new affiliate marketing programs (so far a personal favorite is as I learn a myriad of guidelines. It doesn't stop there, oh no!

With new speaking opportunities comes new types of equipment and the need to learn how to record talks when venues don't provide it. Factor in blogtalkradio interviews and the book reviews I do for both fiction and non-fiction that have updated needs. And don't laugh too hard, I need to use slide shows ... I don't know how to load slide shows. sigh. Okay, that goes on the to-do list now.

Instead of full time writing, I feel like I'm full time learning how to be a specialized online & computer tech!

It's important though to master all the elements of this new business direction. I don't need to be a perfectionist but I do need working knowledge in areas I've previously been able to pretend didn't exist, lol, because they didn't directly affect me.

My brain hurts! ACK!

So what do I do?

I set out a plan of action to implement each tool and I focus on a year from now when I'll be proficient. I see myself acting as if I'm already an expert in those things that challenge me in the present.


It's like motivation candy for me. If I keep my focus on my goal then I stop focusing on the irritation. The struggle becomes less difficult because I see myself as having already won the battle.

I think I'm going to try that for when my spirit is weary too. Christ has already won the battle. So all I need to do when temptation or discouragement wander into my way is focus on the fact that Christ already won this battle. He's just playing it out for my learning benefit. I wonder why I haven't thought of it like that before? I think I just learned how to take my eyes off of worrisome circumstance and put them on the Conquerer who already won!

How do you get through not just one, but a multitude of necessary learning curves?

PS I posted on the perfectionism over at my personal blog, and would love to hear what you think on that post too. Please come visit.


  1. My biggest problem is forgetfulness...some might call it a brain fart...maybe I shouldn't have said that word...LOL! Actually, I do alot of breath prayers from one moment to the next asking my Abba to help me remember, stay focused, and love other well despite the tasks ahead!

  2. LOL, Shannon. I get those, too.

    Angie, those new ventures can be scary, but I know you'll be able to do it! I was so scared I could barely talk when I did my first blog talk radio. And recently, I took part in my first webinar. I was not leading it, was just a student. But it was still nerve wracking. I wasn't sure whether or not people could hear me, and I was afraid to make noise! LOL

    We'll eventually get it all figured out, just maybe not on this side of heaven. :)

  3. I'm always learning something. It seems like I have to try the hard way first, though, before I get a clue.

  4. Hi Shannon,

    Yes, I can relate :-) I went to bed last night and remembered 3 things I'd wanted to do earlier in the day. I tend to do a lot of breath prayers. :-)

    Missy, yesterday was my very first blogtalkradio interview too. It was a good experience in that it forced me to learn something that I'd put off learning for a year. Now I will be much more comfortable doing it.

    Jenn, I'm the queen of the hard way. But those that follow me benefit because I always want to figure out what the easier way is, :-)