Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When A Book Changes Your Life

Have you ever read a book and then realized you were different? Not just thoughtful or a bit of an eye-opener, but really going to live differently because of that book.

I've read a few that wrapped around my gut and still draw me on to be a better person, wife, mother, and Christian. 

A few of those books drew me to a searching place. Who was I made to be? What did I have to do while living on this earth? Why was I letting the past stop me from living out my God-given talents and purpose?

Mary E. DeMuth's Thin Places: A Memoir is one of those books. In reading this non-fiction, I don't feel like I'm reading. I feel like she and I are having a conversation in a secret corner--and yet Mary has gone uber public. The courage it took her to write this and offer it to us is astounding. She is a courageous beauty! Exactly the kind of woman I am writing about in my non-fiction book on how to be a courageous beauty. She's an example of a woman who sees she has a greater purpose than to hide in the shame of someone else's sin. 

Tosca Lee's fictional work with Demon: A Memoir haunts me. I think of Clay, the main character, and of his unthinking choices throughout his life. And I burn to be different than Clay even though I read that book almost 2 years ago. I know it took Tosca courage to write that character and to wrestle with the demon who plagues him. What's the easiest way to pull a good man off course? Distract him!

Thank you to these authors for voicing in prose, their courage. Courage that planted a seed in me to become the woman God made me to be. I'm intense now about helping others learn how to be courageous beauties. I'm working on building a platform to speak on courage, confidence, and wisdom. I want to help others gain wisdom to step out in courage and build the confidence to reach for their life dream. We can't allow our own fear, sinful nature, or even someone else's sin to stop the fruition and fulfillment God has planned for us.

From these books I have learned that living safely isn't going to change the world. Living for my own personal comfort zone just distracts me from the greater purpose God intends. I will embrace that purpose and live outside my comfort zone so that I will be able to say, when my life is over, I didn't do the best I could-- I let God do his best with me instead.

Is there a book that changed your life? 
Are you different because of how it spoke to your soul?


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  1. I've read several books that have changed my outlook on life--and these were Christian novels. There have been non-fiction that have as well. It's why I read them. Thanks to the many authors who share their hearts and souls in their writing with a 'message.'