Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why an Online Press Kit?

If you already have a blog and a website, why would you also need an additional online Press Kit? It's the million dollar question for lots of business owners, musicians, artists, and authors. After all, everything that would be in your press kit is already on your website, right?

Yes, it may already be on your website, BUT, the basic who, what, when and where is probably buried among a lot of other nonessential information on your website. Media people don't have time to wade through it all, and frankly, they don't care.

So, should you get rid of all the "extra stuff" on your website? Who cares to read it?

Real fans who follow your progress and enjoy the fruit of your labor and work. They want to know the little extras about your life that make you "a real person" to them. My advice would be to keep your website and blog for them.

Set up a separate online Press Kit/Media Page for the media, reviewers, blog interviewers, people who want to book you for special events, conferences and workshops.

What should go into an online Press Kit? A short and/or long bio, photos of yourself that can be downloaded and used in online and printed media, reviews and endorsements, videos book trailers and audio excerpts, blog tour schedules, event and appearance schedules, links to your website, blog and other online social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles, speaking and workshop topics, and a link to an online form to book you or contact you for more information.

For a quick preview of my new Online Press Kit, visit


  1. I first saw a press kit when I went to Linore Burkard's website (Christian Regency Romance writer) to get info for doing a book review on my blog. It was terrific and fast...all in one place with lots of little extras to make the review more successful. It really is a must do.

  2. This was very informative. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Donna, I've seen Linore's online press kit. I agree. She has a wonderful set up.

    Rebecca, Your welcome and thanks!

  4. Great info, Jenn. I know who I'm going to after I get THE call.

  5. Great info!! I love what you've done with your press kit. And what a nice idea to do it on a blog so it'll be easier to update.

    I was just checking out Jen AlLee's the other day. Very nice as well.

    Thanks for the info!

  6. Thanks, Missy. I liked Jen AlLee's on the blog and decided I'd try it the same way.