Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Journey to the Finished Land

Highway 200 heading to Great Falls, MT

Starting the journey takes preparation. But I'm finding that ending it does too. I've talked the last few weeks about my project, Creative Cooking for Colitis, and even "tasted" finished last week with you.

Are we there yet? 
Not quite.

I am looking for one last recipe to include. Most I've stumbled on them in the kitchen. Prepping for dinner, ready to feed my family, and I'll suddenly disappear for the camera realizing the dish would be perfect for the cookbook.

Now getting down to the very end, I have only a few more photos to take and upload once I make the meals. It's kind of funny, really, the lengths I'm going to for this project. Lots of cookbooks don't have a photo for each recipe. But it drives me crazy to not see the finished product. I decided my cookbook had to have at least one photo per recipe and for more complicated recipes, at least two photos of preparation and final product.

Today I worked from 9a.m.-6p.m. with very little break. I've been pulling 2 a.m. vigils to get all my work done. Still the road looks longer than I'd like. Formatting each text box, oh my goodness! But I want the finished product to be something I'm proud of and my potential customers will love.

So though it looks like a long, long road, I know it's just over that next hill to the Finished Land.

I'm going to be setting up a blog tour for this cookbook. Not sure of all the details yet, but if you'd like to be on my list please comment. I'll give you the ability to download in exchange for your review of any recipe in the cookbook (or an overview of the entire book) on well populated sites.

Just a few more weeks of this journey to the Finished Land. Whew! I'm ready to dance. I want so badly to share this with people.

Where are you at in your goal journey?

Angie Breidenbach


  1. Yay, Angie! You'll have it done before you know it. :)

    BTW, I've had a sneak peek of this cookbook and it's wonderful! Y'all be sure to watch for it!!

    And another BTW...I'm so glad you're including photos. I collect cookbooks and find I only want the ones with photos. How many of you get the Southern Living annual collection of recipes from the magazine? I do, but it drives me crazy that they only show a few of the dishes! It makes me want to keep all those recipes I tore out of the magazine throughout the year. :)

  2. Thanks, Missy. I'm really liking the final result, but need to tweak now due to the size of the file. I did get 3 more meals and photos done today! 3 more to go. They're Itsa Sooo Good Italian Penne (making it for Thursday dinner), Simply Scratch Chicken Soup is this Sunday's family dinner (complete with simple homemade noodles), and Spiced Roast Beef (sigh, have to go buy the roast and the spice.)

    So 3 more photos, a few more websites for helpers to the reader, and I am done. DONE, I SAY ;-)

    Seriously, probably next week right before I leave for ACFW board meetings. Then I need CDR's, CD covers, and CD labels so I can burn them all. Whew!


  3. Great job on being so close to finishing this, Angie! I know it will be a hit. I like what you said about getting to the finished land takes preparation too. When you think you are finished, there is something else to "tweak" and make sure it's perfect.