Thursday, March 25, 2010

My New Gadget!

Missy, here.

Well, I finally invested in another Laptop Cooling Pad. I've burned out two of them. While shopping recently, I saw this one. And the package said it had won an award from a computer magazine in 2007. So I snapped it up and have been using it for the last week.

I really like it! So far, it's worked great. The only complaint I have is that my computer does slip just a little if I don't have it placed just right. But overall, I'm pleased! I just hope the fan lasts longer on this one. (It's a different brand from my last two.)

I still haven't bought a new computer, though. (I posted a while back about scary laptop problems!) My 3-year-old Gateway is hanging in there and hasn't frozen up on me anymore. Although it still won't hibernate when I close it. So I'm hoping the new cooling mat will help it last longer! Meanwhile, I'm shopping around and watching for great sales (Thanks, Dianna S., for the heads-up!). I'm also researching and comparing brands. It'll be hard for me to do anything but Gateway, though. It's all I've ever used. I'm a creature of habit, I guess!

Do you have any favorite computer gadgets you'd like to tell us about?


  1. Your Welcome, Missy.

    I've not bought any new technology lately, but there's lots I want. (netbook, e-book reader, etc.) I can get a bit technology crazy. My husband knows he can buy me a technololgy gift and I react as others would react to jewelry. My last great gift was an IPOD touch. I love it! Movies, music, and games (to pass time in drs. offices).

  2. Dianna, I'm the same way with gift certificates from office supply stores! :)

    My son has an iPod touch. Now my daughter wants one. They are really cool!

  3. I like Gateways myself... for my laptop I'd have to say the cordless mouse and my SanDisk camera card reader. I just got my first ipod for my birthday and looking forward to my daughter teaching me how to download some messages to listen to while I start a walking routine!

  4. Cheryl, I did the same thing--got an iPod for walking. Got it months ago, but have I walked yet??? :)

    I'm sure you'll do better than I have! Good for you for getting out there. It's the perfect time of year for it.

  5. Great tip, Missy. I've been looking for a good cooling pad for awhile. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. My hubby went out and bought me a new chill pad after you told me about them. Thank you, Missy! I love it. Of course, I have no idea how long it will last.

    As for new gadgets, I love my new Verizon Android. I can now be online from anywhere at anytime. This phone will do everything! Much better than the Blackberries I checked out. I can even blog from it. Great handy tool to have around.

  7. Rebecca, I hope it works out well for you!

    Jenn, that sounds like a great phone! I'm with AT&T, though. I think that's only with Verizon. But maybe by the time I need a new phone, it'll be available elsewhere. Thanks for the recommendation!