Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So Close I Can Taste It!

Almost. I'm almost done.

I've been cooking, taking photos, and writing recipes now for about six weeks. A standard question in my house has become, "Wait, don't touch. Did she get a picture yet?"

I have a message I want to share with people who struggle with microscopic colitis like I do. You can eat and you can do it without fear!

I feel like what I've learned from this health challenge will be able to help other people. So I started a quest to share the recipes that I eat. Why? When you have colitis, many foods become off limits because they cause severe pain and other not so fun symptoms. Lots of fresh vegetables and hot spices can double a person over faster than a punch in the gut.

I actually became afraid of food and had to learn how to rebuild my faith that I could eat without pain. Trust me, that was one wild ride! Ever known anyone afraid of lettuce or celery??? Yep, now you do! It can be a bit daunting going to a banquet and the main menu is full of, uh huh, SALAD! ACK! (You should have seen me at the Mrs. International competition last summer when almost every meal the first couple of days was yet another type of salad. I think I popped a few brain cells when everyone watched me load a huge plate of rice on the third day! I was sooooo hungry by then, lol.)

One of the worst problems can be a limited menu. Fear stops people from eating and boredom of such a limited diet causes stress, frustration, and failure. We easily fail to take care of ourselves because it becomes a battle to find "safe" foods that won't cause searing pain or embarrassment.

The next problem is in the careful food choices. Our families either eat a completely different meal or we feel deprived watching them eat food we only wish we could.

I began to realize that as I expanded my range of recipes, I fed my family many of the foods I could eat. I altered recipes and created others so we could not only eat together, but so I could enjoy the food I ate... without fear.

In writing this book, I started with tips that helped me get microscopic colitis under control. Then moving from simple (and I mean simple) to more elaborate, I created and photographed each recipe. I have 3 or 4 more to make and photograph. Thinking I was on a roll, I began researching how to best publish this project.

After talking with Rosey Dow, author of, she suggested a pdf download so I could use all the photos! It's expensive to print a book with a ton of color photos, but don't you hate not knowing what it should look like? It's important to me to show the finished dish. She even pointed me to a free pdf converter. Ta dah! Now I can do it my way for an affordable price to both me and my potential cookbook buyers. Thank you, Rosey.

And now I'm learning all about how to format Creative Cooking for Colitis so whoever buys it finds the material easy to use and enjoyable to read. It's a completely different thing from a fiction or non-fiction book. Learning curve # 49,999! sigh. Then onto designing a cover for an ebook. Really? I lost count of my learning curves about then. ;-)

I'm so close to finished. Maybe a couple of weeks out to the finished ebook. I can smell the aroma of the sweet goal. I can feel the buzz in my blood from seeing the top of the mountain. So close I can taste it! I'm excited that I might be able to help others taste it too :-) Others like me that need a tool they can rely on to rebuild family dinners. I am looking forward to hearing back from people! My eyes are on the prize for sure.

A few weeks away, I'm so close I can taste it, feel it, almost touch it. It's right there at my fingertips.

Do you have a goal like that? One that you want to share so badly you can taste it?

Are you energized when you have to learn something new on the road to that goal?

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  1. Yeah, Ang! You can do it. And that's great news about how to distribute it. It seems doable! And yes, it sounds like you're almost there.
    (Then you can cross it off the list.)

  2. And believe it or not, I just asked my husband to pick up a turkey, lol. Why? I need a photo for Sage Turkey in the cookbook :-)

    So for family dinner this week, we're having a giant turkey as if it were Thanksgiving!

  3. This is a great prospect for the cookbook, Angie! I wonder how many people out there have a problem and don't even know it. I would never have thought lettuce could cause anyone issues. Glad you are publishing in creative formats. I love to print recipes off the internet.