Monday, March 8, 2010

Spiritual Journey

Belinda here.

Just as we all have a spiritual journey story, so must our characters. That's a part of writing inspirational fiction. Even in secular fiction, more characters than not have some sort of spiritual journey.

My hero and my heroine in my current manuscript each have their own journey. My heroine doesn't go to church and doesn't really know what to think about God. She's never really thought about Him before, because she didn't have those types of influences in her life growing up.

My hero on the other hand, has a very strong spiritual journey. He's focused on God.

In my manuscript my heroine goes from a girl who doesn't think that much about God, to someone who will see how a relationship with God can strengthen our life. Not that everything is perfect, but the world vision is different when you see it through God glasses.

So, as a writer, do you have a favorite sort of spiritual journey you like to write about? If you're a reader, how about you? Redemption stories? New faith stories? Fallen away but coming back stories?

We'd love to hear what you write/read about.


  1. For me, I try to keep my mind open to each character's type of spiritual journey. Each character is unique and often that character will let me know what their spiritual walk is as they are developing.

  2. I love redemption stories. I love reading about the bad girl/boy who turns to good.

  3. I tend to want to write stories with one character coming back to his or her faith since that was pretty much my story after growing up with God in my life, then falling away.

  4. Lindi,

    When I used to write secular fiction, I always thought the spiritual journey would be the hardest part to write and so I struggled against God to keep from switching to Christian fiction. Also, I didn't think I was spiritual enough or had enough biblical knowledge to write Christian fiction. Now that I've taken the plunge, those parts of my novels seems to develop easier than everything else. I think it's wonderful how God works things out for us.