Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Three C's--Prayer for Writing

--Missy, here. As I was spending time in prayer the other day before starting in on my work, I ended with prayer for my writing. I asked God to help me with three things, and then realized I had asked for 3 C’s: Clarity, Creativity and Confidence.

I hadn’t meant to pray those things, but they’re all things that hit me at that moment, things I’ve been dealing with.

Clarity. Sometimes it’s hard to know what plot point needs to go next in a story. Or to know which scenes really do have a place and which ones don’t. Sometimes my character’s actions are tough to decipher. Why did he do that? How would she react? So I pray for clarity to know what God would have me write, to know how my characters should act, to know how my story should arc so that I’m best supporting the theme/premise (the message God is giving me as I’m writing that I think He wants me to learn and share).

Creativity. Sometimes my brain feels so tired I don’t think I have a creative thought in my body. Sometimes my mind feels sluggish. Sometimes—well, often, actually—I haven’t had enough rest and I don’t feel too sharp. I need help being creative! So I ask God to do that for me. To wake me up. To energize me. To help me have fun with my writing. And oh, boy did I have fun on Monday while writing that first kiss! I’m thankful when God gives me a good, productive day. And I ask Him to help me be creative.

Confidence. Oh, my, is this a tough one! I think many writers tend to doubt themselves. I know I’m one of them. I think I’ll never write another decent word. Or I’ll never sell another book. Or I’ll never come up with another good idea. Or I’ll never…and on and on. It takes conscious effort to use positive self talk. It takes reminding myself that God has set me on this path, and I need to trust Him for everything I need in accomplishing it. EVERYTHING. God will provide the ideas. He’ll provide the ability to pull it off. He’ll provide the right path for my publishing journey. He’ll bring the right people at the right time, the right sales at the right time, the right periods of rest at the right time, the right…well, everything! I have to rest in that knowledge and hope. And I have to have confidence in Him.

What’s your prayer for your writing today?


  1. Missy,

    What a timely blog! Thank you for sharing!


  2. I LOVE that, Missy. I may have to print that out and tape it to my computer screen. Praying the three C's. Yep, that's a keeper.

  3. Edwina, I'm glad it was timely for you!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for being so faithful to check in with us each day. :)

  4. Thanks, Mindy! I think it'll help me to remember the 3 C's to pray it regularly. :)

  5. Great choices Missy. I rush to get writing before I think to stop and pray. I guess I could adding Calling. It's the closest C word to wanting to make sure that my story is useful to God and that it will find its way to bless someone in particular.

    Congratulations again on your Award of Excellence nomination!

  6. About a year ago, I began reading a chapter of the Bible before I started writing in the mornings. I used to pray as well, but lately I've just started jumping into the writing b/c I wasn't getting the writing done before I had to leave to take my daughter to school and go to work. Very timely, indeed.

  7. Great post Missy. It encourages me to get back into prayer/study before my day begins.