Monday, April 12, 2010

Fun Day

Hi there---Belinda here.

Today we are going to do something simple and fun. Well, I think it's simple and I hope it's fun.
I'm going to give you a word and then you write the first sentence of a novel. Don't click your mouse to take you to another blog!! Please? Just play along. Really, it's harmless. Maybe write your sentence before you go to the comment section and then you'll see how different all the responses are.

Oh, and how am I going to pick the word? I have my dictionary right next to me. I'm going to close my eyes, open the page and point. And unless the word is inappropriate that word will appear below.

And I promise to post a sentence tomorrow night.

Okay, are we ready? Eyes closed! (Mine--and yes I"m still typing. I'll correct typos when I open my eyes.)
Opening book--- Picking word---


That's our word.

Let's see how creative we get.


  1. The jostle of the carriage threw the pile of rags to the floor revealing the sleeping babe.


  2. Though the girls had fallen asleep on the bunk across from her, Anna could not rest; worry over what she'd face when the jostling carriage arrived in Mule Camp, when she tried to find the girl's grandparents, when she had to tell them their only daughter had been murdered. No, she could not rest.

  3. The woman flowed with the crowd- walking, stumbling, jostling- until she could enter the hospital's double doors.

  4. You could jostle Maeve McGuire just so far before the lights went out and strange things began to happen -- as they were right now.

  5. I'm loving all these! Nice job, everyone!

    I'll give it a shot too...

    The giant limbs of the life oak swayed in violent winds that nearly knocked her off her feet, yet surely her brain had been jostled as well, because she could swear she saw Matthew McKendrick walking right toward her.

  6. Great job!! Thanks to everyone for participating---We had murder, sleeping babes, somebody needing an emergency, Maeve getting stuck in the dark and somebody seeing an old flame.
    Love this! Thanks again.

    Oh yeah, mine:

    Mary Joy, knowing she should have grabbed a buggy on the way in, sighed as she jostled the items she held in her arms, praying none of them crashed to the ground before she reached the 10 items of less check out counter. She also prayed she had less than 10 items.

    (True life story--ha!)

  7. And no, I didn't announce a contest, but I drew a name anyway out of all you who participated.


    my hubby picked your name out of the hat--so you get a 10.00 gift card to Starbucks--or your book store of choice.

    Just let me know--- or I can add it to your pay-pal account!

    Thanks again, guys! It was fun.

  8. Oh my gosh! I am really feeling blessed!!!

    Thank you so much, Lindi. I really appreciate the special gift/prize.