Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hospitality Is A Gift That Shows God's Love

Angie here. This week I've been given a gift from several people. The gift of hospitality.

I live in Missoula. But a lovely couple (actually friends of friends) graciously invited me to stay. Why? Because frequent flier miles were not available out of my airport for a very important speaking engagement. I had to drive 3 hours to get to the Bozeman airport. Then fly back late night. We all knew I couldn't drive in the middle of the night safely after flying all day. Fatigue was just too much.

They not only had never met me, but they parked my car at their house for the week, opened their home to my late night arrival, and filled my tummy with a late night snack. Hospitality.

On arrival in Memphis, I had the gift of staying with my brother. He didn't just plan to house me and feed me at his house. No... he planned to give me a taste of his home. But on top of toting me to a bunch of great restaurants, he went over and above. He spent the night before helping me tag and prepare inventory for the booth. Then he spent the entire day at my conference helping run my booth and solving technology problems so I could run my power point for 2 sessions. Hospitality.

I do have to mention the open arms of the ladies in my 2 classes. I so loved the hugs after wards. Hugs that affirmed, supported, and opened their hearts to me. A welcoming hospitality.

THEN! (Had to say it that way because he may be my brother, but he really gave out of sacrifice.) He took  me on a 3 hour drive to have a business meeting over lunch. On his vacation day, he helped me do business. He gave up a vacation day of fun things to help me build my career. Hospitality.

At that business lunch, the lovely lady who met with me bought lunch for all 3 of us. I didn't plan for that or expect it and yet she blessed us with her generosity. Hospitality.

I know there are many, many things I learned this week. Many I plan to share over time. But I cannot fathom how the Lord manages to continually show us his love through moving the hearts of others to share hospitality.

I'm stymied by the generosity of everyone this week. I wish I had a way to give back the love that was given to me. All I can do is offer to refresh someone else in their need and in any opportunity that God puts in my path to continue to show my appreciation for the hospitality granted in my life, especially the overflowing treasures this week. I cannot begin to express how cared for I felt. Thank you to all!

In what ways have you experienced hospitality lately?
How can you recognize God's love in that hospitality?
How do you show hospitality?



  1. I have said for a long time...hospitality is becoming a lost art in this busy world. But there are still some who hold hospitality high on their list of priorities. I think sometimes hospitality lacks most within the church walls.

    I try to have a get together at least once a month and invite others over for coffe, tea, maybe lunch or brunch. I try to spoil my company.

    I have a couple very good friends who spoil me with their hospitality...always having an open door and some fresh coffee.

  2. I am so NOT a hospitality girl. I try, but it is just not natural for me. You know the spiritual giftings surveys that are circulated and many churches do with their members? Well, hospitality was dead last on mine. The upside was that I was high on the administrative and prophetic end.

    Alas, we all have our different giftings, and I'm always blessed when I cross paths with someone hospitable. I always try to encourage or send a thank you to people who go out of their way to honor the gifting of hospitality.

  3. Angie, that's amazing! What a great trip!

    I stand in awe of people who have the gift. As Dianna said, that came in last for me as well! But I can always learn from those who are so great at it. And I do try to grow in that area.

    Shannon, that's great that you initiate like that! I think that's one of the hardest parts, and once you do that, you can really touch people's lives and make them feel cared for.

  4. Angie, Those are such wonderful blessings! As for me, Hospitality is dead last on my list, but it isn't near the top either. I have manners, but there are times when I'm more thoughtful than others. Like Diane, my gift is prophesy.