Sunday, April 11, 2010

Keep Me Accountable - Week 3 AND... There's a contest involved!

Christy here. I'm wow'd by what a fabulous 2 weeks this has been. There are several of you out there who have been keeping me accountable! Thank you so much.

I never thought journaling about writing progress would be useful, but I'm finding it really is! There's something about putting the numbers out to the public... posting daily when I know someone is reading for my progress... it has helped spur me on. I've been documenting when I write and how much and when I'm not writing. I even document when I'm editing. My numbers have been up and down over the last 2 weeks, but I've been working on it and that is what counts!

I needed something to keep me accountable. We all have good odds at being published. I like to remain positive and say it's a 50-50 chance. I applaud all of you out there who have finished your book and mailed queries or proposals to prospective publishing houses and agents. That's a wonderful achievement. And with each book you finish, each one you pitch at conference, each one you mail off, you've learned valuable lessons. When you start on that new story, or revise an existing one, you're getting better the more you write.

I'm learning that being a seat of the pants writer is OK, but planning at some point is even better... AND a necessity. A published writer will tell you that you can't sell a new book on a blurb in most cases. The publisher wants a proposal which will involve the first three chapters, a synopsis and a chapter outline. You can't provide the publishing house with this proposal unless you've planned what you are going to write.

As I learn about this craft, I'm vowing to change the way I handle the next book. I'm anxious to get started on something new, but refuse to write anything different until this book is through.

My goal for this week is to finish revisions and have at least 55,000 words at the END point. I'd like to expand the word count to 60,000 for the completed manuscript, which is the maximum, but I expect that will give me some wiggle room when I run through the story one last time.

My current word count, thanks to the addition of scenes from my prior revision into this WIP, is 52,385.

Have you been writing lately? What are your goals? I'd love for you to share your progress- the good and the bad! Don't be shy!  If you are struggling with your writing, let us know - chances are, we've all been there at some point in this journey.

******************** Join me in this writing rally!!! **********************

If you would like to help keep me accountable and be entered in my contest for a $10 Starbucks gift card + a special surprise from me, leave a comment here. The winner will be announced at the end of this contest April 30. If you go to my post on FAITH you'll see I've posted instructions for the contest. I blog every Sunday on FAITH and will give a weekly update there as well. So those Sunday comments + your daily comments on my blog, also count toward the contest.

But Only Blogger comments will be counted... Facebook comments don't count.

Thank you for your support!


  1. Christy,

    Keep it going. You are moving along and I can see "the end" in your near future.

  2. Christy,

    Great job on staying focused and moving forward!! With determination like you have, you will meet your goals even earlier!


  3. You're my hero!

    Keep going.

    Now, if only I could get my chapters 2 & 3 to do what I wanted...

    What the heck. I'd rather celebrate with you.

  4. Yay, Christy! You can do it, you can do it!! (Yes, that was me cheering!)

    As I wrote on my blog Thursday, I finished last week. Since then, I've been reading through the mss. I had wanted to do it in one sitting--which I think is really important. But I just couldn't. Someone had to pick up the kids at school! :) Then my son came in town this weekend(first time we've seen him since Jan. 3!). So I didn't work over the weekend. I'll jump back in tomorrow and will finish the first read-through. And wonder of all wonders, I'm liking it! :)

  5. Thanks every one! I haven't written too much today - it's been a morning of quick editing so I lost words after I posted to this blog.

    This morning we finally made it back to church, William's first visit and he did great. Later this afternoon, I planted flowers. I'm so out of shape! I broke a sweat and my back is aching!

  6. I love what accountability does for me. I made so much progress with the Book In A Week program through one of the loops we're on that it sold me on the art of accountability.

    I am writing a 45 minute seminar/powerpoint speech & presentation over the next two days. Then I go to Memphis to present it at the Naked Truth Christian Singles Conference on Saturday.

    I'm going to get back to writing my next book, non-fiction, when I come home. My goal is to get several chapters done in time for the Colorado Christian Writers Conference middle of May. Then sometime in May is the next BIAW. I really look forward to that for huge progress.


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  8. I'm getting all geared up for a new week. So looking forward to many, many new words written this week. :-)

    This accountability project of yours is getting me writing, too! Thanks!

  9. Good to hear from all of you and your progress!

    Angie, I tried NANOWRIMO, but didn't do so hot at that. I think when you have a story line that will work for you (Fiction, that is) it must make a difference on moving forward. Or that's how it is in my case!

    Yay Rebecca! Keep writing, keep going! You're doing great! One word is better than None!