Sunday, April 25, 2010

Keep Me Accountable - Week 5

Christy here....And, I had a dream...

Not a dream like the one Martin Luther King, Jr spoke about, but a more self-centered, All about ME, dream.

I wish I was more honorable and could tell you I dreamed of no more World Hunger, but I didn't. And, I'm sorry, because truly I want the best for everyone.

I dreamed I received a call from Agent Rachelle Gardner. (My caller ID shows up with Rachelle's name - never mind I don't have Rachelle's number and I didn't pitch my book to her at conference or ever.)

Only, it wasn't Ms. Gardner calling, it was another lady from a publishing house I believe, and she told me she wanted to buy my book. Since I've only worked on one book for the last 6 years and haven't submitted any more, I knew which book she was speaking of. Only, I hadn't submitted this book to this editor or agent. (I can't remember which she was, but she was a biggie in the publishing world  - someone who could make things happen for me!)

Anyway, the next thing I know, I'm at her New York apartment. It was kind of weird because some of her friends/co-workers were there and they all looked like they'd been working out. They were dressed in workout clothing and were doing stretches. They looked tired. I was glad I'd missed part of that dream, because I'm too tired to work out anyway. 

The editor/agent chick leads me back to her quarters and we talk about the book. Apparently, Simon and Schuster want to buy it - who would've guessed - I don't mention to her that I don't have an agent and I don't mention that I'm worried that another editor and another agent that asked for my manuscript still haven't seen it yet. I guess that doesn't matter at this point, especially if this person is offering me a contract.

I tell her that the book is almost finished. She sends me a strange look. It's my dream so I ignore her response and pretend everything is OK. I also don't worry about the fact that I still don't know how she read the book since I'm not finished with it and I never mailed it to her. I guess I assumed God had finally taken the book and dropped it in her lap, just like I've been praying...

The dream ends with me saying good bye to her workout buddies and her promising to call soon when the marketing department gets their act together. I happily skip out of the apartment because I know I've finally made it.

Don't you just love dreams? They're crazy. They don't make sense half the time. Life can sometimes be stranger, but not in this case...

This week has been filled with many obligations. It hasn't been a bad week, just busy. Tuesday was my best writing day when I logged in three good hours.

I'm coming up on the last week of my own personal writing challenge. My goal was to have the book finished by April 30. My current word count is 56,460. I have a few more scenes to write and my word count limit is 60,000. But before I can submit the book, it has to be in perfect form.The story line has to make sense and it must be free of typos. I must have hooks to keep the reader interested and I have to make sure the end is satisfying and ties all loose story lines together. Deadline is April 30th. I pray I can make it.

Where are you with your goals? Any one have any advice for a looming deadline? Even a self-imposed one?


  1. Christy,

    I had a dream about my contract offer about a year before I received it. I think this dream is from God to give you hope and to inspire you to keep going.

  2. Thanks Jenn!

    It was so vivid. I was suprised I remembered it when I woke up. I hope you are right!

  3. I can't give you any advice, Christy, as I rarely dream. But, it sounded like a fabulous one to entertain in your off hours.

    And- of course they'd want your story. It's fabulous.

  4. You're almost there, Christy!! Yay, you! You can do it.

    I have a May 1 deadline, so we're very close to being in the same boat! I finished my story. Read it through twice. Then passed it to Lindi and my hubby. Both have finished it now and given me feedback. Now I'm making those changes/clarifications and also going through to CUT more words. It ended up long.

    Today I started reading through it for I guess the 4th or 5th time. I'm looking at each scene to make sure my POV character has a goal--and thus a reason for the scene to be there. I've already found one half of a scene that I could cut.

    I'm excited to mail this off by Thursday! I just hope my editor loves it. :)

  5. By the way, I loved your dream!! So funny. Yet like Jenn said, maybe an encouragement from God!!

  6. I loved reading about your dream, particularly the New York moment of party goers in work-out wear. I pictured Lulu Lemon pants, and tank top, and pony tails.

    For deadlines, I don't really have any advise but I do find visualizing the end helpful. For example, spending just five minutes day, first saying a prayer for God to come into my heart and to let me know if my goal is His for me, and then seeing and feeling my goal completed.

  7. Sending Hugs your way Dianna!

    Missy, thanks for your advice. Yes, after the end is written I've got to have it read and read it again for myself. Gotta start burning the midnight oil on this one.

    Hi Lynn - You pretty much summed up how the party goers looked. Imagine a couple of flashdance shirts on top of spandex pants and tank tops. There were definitely pony tails and I think there may have been a few hi-top tennis shoes. 80s oh my!

    I have visualized one ending for this story for the last few months and then just a few weeks ago, the ending changed to something else because it didn't fit with this last set of revisions. I think it may be better and a couple of my friends helped me to brainstorm it. So I really think it is even better, especially that last line ;)

  8. Hi Christy, I found this post through Rachelle's twitter. *grin* Yes, if you didn't know, she knows about your dream! LOL

    I had to leave a comment because one of my blogger friends had a dream about Rachelle and the Call, and then guess what? She got the call. LOL Months later, of course, but it happened. I agree with the others; this might be a God thing. :-)

  9. Okay, I went and double checked the blogger I thought this happened to and now I'm not sure... LOL! But I know someone else had RG in her dreams, so you're not alone. *grin*

    I hope you get a mult-book deal someday! :-)

  10. Jessica, that's so funny about the Tweet! Christy will get a kick out of that. :)

  11. ROFLOL! Ya know, Twinkie, the funniest thing is that I can picture you doing all of that!
    Keep pluggin', you're almost there.


    OMGOSH!!!! ROFLOL!!!

    I suppose I suddenly forgot about this information superhighway we're on!

    I don't even know what to say...


    Thanks Twinkie...

  13. I also saw Rachelle's tweet and wondered who dreamt about her. I did not follow any links, but got here through your At Split Ends blog.

    So glad it was you! :-)