Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Learning to Live

Angie here: From last week's drawing, Dianna Shuford, you are the winner of Creative Cooking for Colitis. Send me your email at angela [at] and I'll send it over for you to download :-) Onto our post today...

Proverbs 24: 4 really stands out to me lately. It says, "Let good sense fill the rooms with priceless treasures."

As I've been diagnosed with microscopic colitis, I did what most people do... yep, I rebelled. I didn't want to believe it. I battled it. I stomped around pretty mad. But that didn't change the fact that if I just used good sense, I could get back on track and feel better, be more productive, and make a difference based on what I experienced. Good sense in my colitis diet would be a priceless treasure.

Have you done that? Lost track of good sense?

Even this week I decided I could fudge a little on my condition. Sigh, okay just roll your eyes at me. Yes, I did. I set myself up for failure by eating something my good sense told me not to eat. I paid for it painfully. The good part is that making the wrong choice renewed my decision to use good sense because my health is priceless. I'm not going to achieve all my dreams curled up on the couch, now am I?

But God turns things to good for those He loves and are called according to His purpose. Even rebellious ones who eat what they ought not ;-) By allowing me to make that mistake, my resolve to make better, smarter choices in the future was paramount in my mind at the very time I needed to have deep belief in my newest project, Creative Cooking for Colitis, while planning the next one. (Writer/speakers don't get to sit back and admire their latest work, nope, we have to move on to writing the next while promoting the newly finished one or not make a living.)

The promotion stage is quite heavy and busy for any book. But to keep it up long term while moving into another, it takes a lot of belief in the importance of your project. It's easy to get tired and just want to give up. I think I learned the priceless value of my health and deep desire to see the success of this cookbook to help others at the perfect time.

Has God used perfect timing to remind you of priceless treasure?

Angie Breidenbach
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  1. Angie, I've found that I usually don't see God's perfect timing until later!

    But yes, He often has to show me what's really important.

  2. It's amazing the things God puts in our path to show us our rebellion isn't it? I understand completely how you feel. I was recently diagnosed with a sleep disorder and absolutely hated using the CPAP machine the doctor told me to use.

    Like you, I learned the hard way. I'm much more ready to face what's coming my way with a good night's sleep. Stress has a way of working you over when you've not rested, and my creativity is non-existant. So, I use the machine, which I've grown accustomed to, and I'm able to make it through each day the way God intended.

  3. Angie,

    Great post! It seems that God uses our health many times to get us back on track. I've rebelled against Type II diabetes, sleep disorder (I don't like that machine either, Diane)- high cholesterol - you name it and I rebelled against it. But like you, I realized that I cannot be all that God is calling me to be if I feel bad all the time. NOW, I'm taking care of myself! :)

  4. Great post, Angie! I like what you said about you can't achieve your dreams curled up on the couch. I think sometimes people forget it's okay to dream and follow that dream - it's not ok to succomb to things like stress, if we can help it.

    Missy... you are so funny:)

  5. You all are so encouraging by sharing the challenges you have too! Thank you!

  6. Angie, I've been there. Over a year ago, my allergist said I had developed an allergy to pork and beef. I didn't want to give up my meatloaf at The Boston Market or at The Cracker Barrel, or my ham at Thanksgiving and Christmas. A few days of feeling like I was close to dying brought my good sense back to me. I don't know why we have to learn the hard way. I think we go into denial. We don't want to believe them. It must be some mistake--especially since I had eaten those meats all my life. But for me, it wasn't a mistake. Now I steer clear of it and stay with my chicken, turkey, and fish.

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