Friday, April 2, 2010

My 4-Year-Old Easter

Jenn here.

I wanted to wish you all a very HAPPY EASTER! May the Lord speak some new revelation in your life that will uplift and inspire you. Me, being the historical lover that I am, thought it would be nice to share a past Easter story with you. I hope you enjoy!

The image to the left is of me when I was 4 years old. My mother had been in the hospital having my brother and back then they wouldn't allow children to see their mothers in the hospital. I had to wave to her from the window from the sidewalk.

While my dad went back and forth from the hospital, my grandparents kept me. They said I grieved for my mom like she was gone for good. No one could get me to eat. All I did was cry and beg for my mommy. I couldn't understand why she had to leave me to have the baby. Didn't she want me anymore? That's why there are slight circles under my eyes. But my mom finally came home before Easter and here I am grinning wide, because now I had my mommy back and a new baby brother, too!

By the way, I pulled the whole basinet over in the floor trying to look at him--yes, he was in it!


  1. How cute, Christy! Although I have to say that at first I thought the plant behind you was some kind of feathers coming out of your hat!!! LOL

    Happy Easter!

  2. Too cute picture and touching story. Thanks for sharing Jenn.

  3. That's a sweet story Jenn!

    I'm so glad Missy had me on her mind today, LOL! Love you too Missy ;)

  4. Thanks, everyone! I love to go back and look at old photos!

  5. oops!! I guess I totally missed the first line of the post saying that Jenn wrote it! LOL

    And I even thought the photo looked like Christy! :) (yes, love you, too, Christy) ;)