Saturday, April 17, 2010

Reflections on My Writing Journey

Jenn here. I go through periods of reflection on my writing that take me through valleys and lift me on God's wings to soar above the mountain peaks. I can best weave a story when I am inspired. Things that rob me of my inspiration are burdens, responsibilities, to-do lists, people demanding my time and making me feel guilty, stress, illness, judgment, etc. We are all faced with these issues at different times, but our reaction to them is what counts.

For everyone of those things I just mentioned, I can also list simultaneous blessings that inspired me. There were times when God answered a prayer to lift a burden or someone took over a responsibility. Often my to-lists didn't require as much energy or time as I thought it would. People began respecting my time if I told them I'm writing or they would try to schedule things around my writing. Stresses were eased with new jobs, raises, working out problems in relationships, and I learned to cope with the guilt and make time for things that were priority. Illnesses were temporary setbacks. Judgment is other people's problem not mine.

I made it through and I will continue to make it on this journey. For the past 14 years, I walked the road to publication. In just two short weeks, I will arrive at my destination with the publication of my debut novel, Highland Blessings. But the journey doesn't stop there. I will enjoy the short stay of celebrating this release through the month of May and then it is onward to the journey of writing for a living. I have no idea if it will take me another 15 years to achieve that goal--but nonetheless, it is my goal--always has been. The only difference is now I've passed a major milestone in getting there.

Through my first half of the journey, I've learned tenacity, persistence, determination, and cultivated a willpower to never give up. As a Christian, I know that I did not achieve anything on my own power. God walked every wearisome step with me, and at times He even carried me. That is the main thing I've learned on my first half of this journey--I was never alone--and neither will I be on the second half of this journey.

Be inspired if you are in the valley right now. You are not alone and the soaring will come. If you are soaring, enjoy the moment. These are the moments that make lasting memories and they are so brief. Make them last as long as possible.


  1. I'm thankful that you perserved and that we have the privilege of reading your debut novel, HIGHLAND BLESSINGS.

    Now on to writing the next one. No matter who decides or doesn't decide to publish your work, only you can write your stories. I'm glad you are not keeping them inside you, but writing so all of us are blessed.

    In Him,
    A J Hawke

  2. That was a very inspirational blog!

    Congratulations on living your dream!

  3. It's wonderful to see you on the mountaintop right now! Congratulations and may the rest of your journey be blessed.