Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stimulus Overload

Mindy here. Remember the old Calgon Bath Beads commercials? "The kids. The phone. The door...Calgon, take me away." Oh, I am so there right now I can hardly stand it. If I hear one more sound--TV, kids, phone--I'm going to explode.

Finally, I have a quiet moment. And it feels wonderful.

I remember when my youngest child was born, our pediatrician emphasized, "stimulus, stimulus, stimulus." Well, I'm here to tell you, stimulus can be overrated. Especially when we're bombarded with it.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but I bet there are more distractions in this generation than in any generation before. We love technology. Computers, cell phones--does anyone even remember pagers? And heaven forbid technology should go awry. Then something that's supposed to simplify our lives becomes a major interruption. Even when it works fine, it interrupts our already busy schedules.

Before I owned a cell phone, I used to think how wonderful it would be to be able to make that phone call from the grocery aisle to see if we indeed needed milk. Now that I have a cell phone, there's no excuse when someone can't track me down. And I know all about tracking someone down. Just ask my husband after he's left his phone on silent.

I guess convenience comes at a cost. Modern technology does simplify so many things. But what are we giving up? Texting has replaced talking. Why? Because it's quicker. We're not forced to have a lengthy conversation.

No, I'm not ready to ditch my smart phone or computer. I just had a very technologically challenged weekend.

How has technology changed your life? I know for writers, we can't imagine pounding out words on a manual typewriter, or handwriting an entire manuscript. On the flip side, how does technology disrupt your life? Or does it?

Happy Tuesday, everyone!



    I ADORE that picture of you! OMGosh, so DIVA! Even though I've seen it before, I love, love it!

    I know about the need for technology. I was walking through a store, or maybe it was a restaurant - can't remember - and I bet I counted 5 kids who had some kind of phone, Ipod, or whatever in their hand playing with it.

    I can't wait to get a phone with a true keypad. I can then text all day. LOL. I won't leave the house without my cell phone. And, my handwriting isn't as neat because I type all the time.

    One day, we're going to have a blackout and all this technology is going to be worth it. Half of the human race will probably go nutzo without it and half will be able to adapt... although not be too nice about it. Just my opinion.

  2. lOl, I meant to say: One day, we're going to have a blackout and all this technology is going to be worthLESS - need another cup of coffee I guess before I start making sense.

  3. I love technology. Love playing with new technological gadgets, but yes it can definitely be a distraction for those with no self-discipline.

    My daytime personality (HS teacher) has run-ins with this constantly. Cell phones and ipods have become more than a challenge in the classroom. To the point that the kids can text with their phones in their pockets, and the new cheating method is by text. Many students have even started carrying 'dummy' phones so that when they're caught they can give up the inoperable phone and keep their working one. How amazing is that?

  4. Love the photo!

    Yes, technology has made my life better, but I do tend to miss some of the slowness of the old days when I was younger.

    PS - To save my eyes from so much computer time, I do handwrite my manuscript and type it on an AlphaSmart and download it to my computer.

  5. I love my laptop and Blackberry. But, if I'm not careful, I've spent too much time on emails, etc., and not enough time on real writing. I'm grateful for my phone - I'm out frequently at night by myself, and the phone is my lifeline to home should I have car trouble.

    Dianna - I can't believe kids these days! This is exactly why my 14 yr old grandson does NOT have a phone and probably will not be allowed to have one until he has a PT job and can pay for the phone and the bill himself. I'm sure someone will want to hang me - but there is no reason a kid under the age of 16 should have a phone, and even then, should only have a pre-paid phone they could use in the case of car trouble, etc.
    OK - that's my sermon for today! :)

  6. I, too, love the photo!

    I left my cell phone at home the other day and nearly went crazy. As soon as I drove up the street, I remembered it. And what did I do? I reached for my phone to call home and tell my hubby to bring it outside to hand it to me!!! :)

    We've got it so bad.

  7. Christy, I am NOT a diva. At least I hope not.

    I know what you mean about the kids. I see kindergarteners with cell phones. Makes me totally crazy. Especially when my fifth grader starts pestering me for one. I used to tell him that I always knew where he was so there was no need. Now? Well, we've opted for a pay-as-you-go phone. More for us than him.

  8. Dianna, I know they've really cracked down on kids using cell phones/texting at my son's high school. Not even between classes. Though you know they still do it.

  9. Jenn, that's one of the thing I love about going to our "farm." No television. Of course, we have our smart phones, so there are still emails and such. They just don't seem that pressing down there. I appreciate the slower pace.

  10. Edwina, I totally agree. There are so many times when I'm glad I have my cell.

  11. LOL, Missy! Been there, done that. I think we're hooked.

  12. I love my technology, especially my BlackBerry so I can answer emails when I'm away from my computer. The idea is to save time so I won't be tied up at home, but I end up filling the time with other applications besides writing, like photoshop or blogging, or...

    I do find technology does get in the way. That's when I know I need to review my priorities. Which I'll do-after I finish reading and commenting on a few more sites.

    Baby steps.

  13. LOL, Lynn. :) It's so hard to sing off once we're already online!