Saturday, April 10, 2010

Surviving the Pollen

Jenn here. Today I'm not blogging about writing or a faith devotion, I'm discussing pollen. Yet, if you're like me, it indirectly affect your writing or whatever you do. If you have itchy, watery eyes and you can't stop sneezing, or a sinus headache keeps plaguing you, it affects how much writing you'll get accomplish--or how much GOOD writing you'll do.

I'm there on that plato. I feel like a yo-yo being jerked up and down off the edge of a ledge. One day I feel great, my eyes are well, and the next it is the opposite. I love this beautiful world that God created. I love the magnificent sunshine, warm days, the blooms and gentle breeze, but I'm paying a high price. I've always had allergies, even as a kid, but for some reason it seems to be getting worse each year. I wondered if it was my imagination or if only MY body composition was changing. Turns out--it isn't just me.

I saw a video this morning where scientists put out a white box to collect pollen on the roof of their building. They consider a pollen count of 120 high. It was over 5,500! While most people are having it worse than last year, I'm feeling a little better. The reason? I've been on weekly allergy shots for over a year now.

I've managed to get through March without a sinus infection or daily headaches. I think it is a first for me. My eyes are still in some pain, but not near as much as they were. Mostly, I'm experiencing itchy eyes. I can handle them being itchy much better than the pain. Yet, I still have my yo-yo days. A while ago, I gave up and took one Benedryl. After 30 minutes my eyes are already feeling better.

They tell you to avoid going outdoors during the day. We can't live like hermits! And who wants to completely miss spring? I thank God for the technology that brought allergy shots and for my insurance that pays for them. My daughter is now on allergy shots as well and she's doing much better than last year. This isn't a blog to advocate for allergy shots, but if you've contemplated it, and still unsure, my experience is that it's worth it. I wish I had done this sooner.

The other thing that helps is taking showers at night instead of in the morning when most people want to shower. If you don't shower and wash your hair before you go to bed, you're sleeping in all the pollen that has gotten on you throughout the day. You should also change clothes as soon as you come home. Clean your indoor pets each time they go outside and roll in it and dig their noses in all the blooms, smelling them. We have a golden retriever and I've watched her do this.

All my best to you in surviving the pollen. Here's a video on on it.


  1. Jennifer, you have my empathy! I know just how you feel. I fight sinus problems/infections year round with both indoor and outdoor allergies.

    Word of advice: frequent sinus washes also help. No less than two a day- in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to sleep. Helps to reduce sinus inflamation from allergic rhinitis and prevents sinus infections from setting in. You can buy sinus kits at any store with a pharmacy. Just ask your pharmacist. Not a fun activity, but it's worth it if the washes help you stay well!

  2. Jenn, that's a good idea about taking a shower at night. I never thought about the pollen still being in my hair or even, I'm sure on your extremites.

    My eyes and nose have started itching as of today, but I've never fought it like you. And yes, I believe our body changes. I don't remember having allergy problems as a kid. Or, could it be the change in pollutants and environment that alters everything? I've never studied up on it.

    Dianna, do you do the sinus wash only for congestion or even when you have an itchy & runny nose?

  3. Jenn, I heard on the news that because of the unusually cold winter (coldest in decades), it's held off some of the early bloomers until a bit later so that lots of trees are blooming at once. They said the pollen is the worst it's been in a long time.

    If you look at my post from Thursday at the Loveinspiredauthors [dot] com (click on blog), you'll see photos of the pollen accumulation on my deck table! :)

  4. Today I spent the whole day outside at Carowinds and managed to wear my contacts. I don't think it would have been possible if I hadn't been on my shots.

  5. Diane, I've heard that the sinus rinses are very helpful.

  6. that's a good idea about taking a shower at night. I never thought about the pollen still being in my hair or even, I'm sure on your extremites.

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