Thursday, April 29, 2010

We're Celebrating Today!

Missy here. And no, it's not quite as dramatic as my title sounds. No new sales or awards. I didn't win anything. Didn't get my royalty check yet. :)

But I did mail off my completed book!!!

Woo hoo! What a thrill to finally finish. You'll see the finished product, A Family for Faith, from Steeple Hill Love Inspired, in April 2011.

And I have to share a fun story. I've felt like God's hand has been on this book from the beginning. And when the first draft was completed, it was about 3500 words too long.

So I started revising--and cutting anywhere I could find to cut.

After the first pass, I was STILL 1300 words over. So I prayed and read through it one more time. I prayed and edited, prayed and edited. Today, I was typing in all those changes...watching the word count come down. As I neared the end, I got down to 60,011 words. :) And I just sat here thinking, "Just watch. God will make it come in right at 60k words." So I kept plugging away. But then I came on a part where I had added some words, and my count went back up. Finally, I made myself quit looking at the word count.

When I got to The End, I checked. And the count said...

59,999!!!!! I was so tickled I hooted out a really loud laugh. My hubby was home for lunch, and I think I scared him. Yes, I pretty much sounded like a mad woman. LOL

So, yay, God! And I'm sure I'll be praying about it again at revision time, because I almost always add words during that phase.

I hope you'll celebrate with me! And we'll also soon be celebrating Jennifer's new release, which I saw available in the Cokesbury catalogue the other day!! Woo hoo! (Check out the book, Highland Blessings, by clicking here.

Do you have anything you'd like to celebrate today (even if it's just that you got a load of laundry done?!) :)


  1. congratulations Missy!! Can't wait til your book's on the shelves to pick up a copy.

    And Jenn's too! Woo-hoo!

    I actually wrote a little yesterday during lunch, so I'm excited about that!

  2. Go, Missy, Go! Hard work pays off.

    God's wonderful like that isn't he?

    Right now, I can only celebrate making it through work. The last month of school is always insane and I'm exhausted by the end of the day. Plus, the kids have their activities. And- I didn't get into bed until after 12am on Monday because I visited a great group of ladies who live very far from me, but it was great to spend time with them so I don't regret it.

    Can't wait to read A Family for Faith!

  3. Way to go, Christy! YOu'll be finishing up soon as well!

    Dianna, those ladies far away sure enjoyed seeing you!! ;)

  4. Oh, do I know that word count monster! Chop, chop, chop, and you feel like you're cutting off your baby's toes!

    Hubbies deserve medals, don't they? Mind does!

  5. It's so true, Cynthia! I try so hard to be ruthless in cutting. But sometimes I just have to put the words in my "cuts" file. Of course I almost never go back to get them. But I feel better!

    Now I think I'll call it the "baby toes" file! LOL

  6. Yay, Missy!

    And I am proud to announce that at this very moment, I am totally caught up on my laundry!

  7. Congratulations Missy!

    And Congratulations Jennifer!

    Hope you enjoy a well deserved fun filled weekend to celebrate!

    Can't wait to read both books!

  8. Hi Missy:

    Your efforts to cut words from your manuscript made me think of a quote from Revelation (22:18)

    “I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If any one of you adds anything to them, God will add to you the plagues described in this scroll.” (NIV)

    I think John would not be an easy client for an editor to deal with.


  9. Shout for joy, Missy! That's what I feel like doing when I turn in my work. Congrats on meeting yet another deadline.