Thursday, April 22, 2010

What keeps you reading?

Missy here. And I'm curious. What keeps you reading a book?

I'm reading a book right now that's really got me hooked. There's not a lot of action. In fact, it's very slow paced. There's not some big question or suspense. (Although I'm really wondering if the romance is going to go anywhere.) And the characters didn't blow me away in the beginning. Although they've grown on me through the book.

So why can't I put it down? Sometimes I can tell you right off, but this one has me stumped. I think, though, that even though the characters aren't really in your face, the author has set it up so that I care about them. They do have very distinctive voices. Well, the protagonist does. (It's only in her pov.) Or maybe it's because I'm curious to learn more about them since the male character is a bit of a mystery. Or maybe it all goes back to the romance after all. Are these two people, who met so randomly, going to act on the attraction and get together?

Don't you just love romance?!

Okay, so what keeps you reading? Have you had a book that hooked you that you can't figure out how? (Please, no titles unless you're saying something positive!)

Addendum: I just finished the book 2 days after writing this post! And I loved it. But I'd still like to know your answers.


  1. Books that have humorous characters keep me reading. Finished a book not long ago, and there's still a scene I get a chuckle over when I think about it. Books that keep me laughing all the way through always go on my keeper shelf, then when I'm pretty stressed or overwhelmed I can reread them and lighten up somewhat.

  2. There are only two books that I can think of that I never finished, earlier in my life. Now I keep reading because I figure there's something I'm missing if I don't 'get it' and I want to know why and what. But then, there's only been a very few that have been that way in my more adult years. Maybe I can learn something from the book.

  3. I think you read the book that I am reading now Missy! The description is really close. I am hoping the characters get stronger personalities or that the writer just needs more time to develop them. But I always try to finish a book. There's just something about the fact that it was published that I wonder why? As for what keeps me reading a book - secrets, problems that I don't know how the characters are going to overcome, funny characters are great too Diana, and anything that I can also learn from Linda are great.

  4. Dianna, humor keeps me going as well. I love funny books. Not so much slapstick as cute dialogue.

    Linda, I almost never put down a book either. I guess since I'm a writer, I like to be patient and see where the writer is going. I've also found that sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a particular type book. If I go back later and try again, I may love a story!

    Eva Marie, I'm the same way. And I think with this book, the question about whether or not they'd get together kept me reading. I wasn't sure it was going to be a romance novel (it's a single title), so that kept me guessing. Of course, all the signs were there: the attraction, the growing to care for each other. But I think that question in the back of my mind kept me reading. :)

    And the payoff was worth it! :)

  5. By the way, I'm late checking in because we were traveling today. It's so good to be home! :)

  6. Like Linda, I rarely do not finish a book. I may put it down for a LONG time, but I have no problem picking it up later and knowing exactly where I left off.

    I guess it's good characterization that keeps me reading. When I'm quickly invested in the characters and eager to know what's going to happen to them next. And, of course, WILL THESE TWO PEOPLE EVER GET TOGETHER.

  7. And, Mindy, for me, there's always the big one:

    Will they ever kiss????!!! :)

  8. I like humor, but I also like drama. I want to be moved by the story. Sweep me away to another time period and place. While I don't want the romance to be the only thing to the plot, I struggle to finish books that don't have at least a good thread of romance. I like a little mystery and suspense to keep me guessing, because I know that a couple will get together in a romance, that's a given, but I want to be guessing on the edge of my seat as to HOW they resolve their differences and must FEEL the emotion!