Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Celebrating a friend's success

Angie here:

Celebration is wonderful, especially when it's done with people we love. The significance comes in the struggle though. It's the struggle that bonds people together, not the success. The success is so sweet, so intense because of the battle.

Knowing the hard days, the hard choices, and the hard disappointments ~ that's why the joy is alive and vibrant.

The six of us have bonded in those hard times so that when one of us succeeds, all of us succeed. When one feels the bite of disappointment, all of us share in the sorrow.

This week is full of happiness because we've walked the road of perseverance together. The road has been a long one for each of us. We even mentioned 4 years ago that we were just waiting like popcorn to pop. And that is exactly what's happening. One pops, then the next, then the next. Each time, even though we know what's supposed to happen, we're still full of awe and disbelief that after so long, the elements coalesced to turn a hard little kernel of talent explodes into something several times its size. It feels like my own success when my Faith sisters achieve a goal like Jenn's.

Have you done that with a friend? Run by their side in the marathon to see them break the ribbon?

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  1. I don't think I've ever been able to support another person in this way. Not until i started writing and really dug my heels in on this journey. I like what Angie said about when one succeeds we all succeed!

  2. I love the popcorn analogy! We are starting to pop!

  3. I love your popcorn analogy, Angie! You know, for popcorn to pop, it takes heat. God refines us through his fire/heat so that analogy hit me on so many different levels.

    Jennifer- Congrats, girl. I'm so excited for you.

  4. Also, writing is such an alone job, that to have the support of other writers is truly important. To have people to turn to when those rejections come and when the good calls come makes sitting in front of the computer for hours so worth while.

  5. I really enjoyed reading your blog. God bless, Lloyd

  6. Angie, I have several close writing friends like that as well. Three years ago, all of us were apiring authors. Now, 4 of us have contracts and we share info as we learn it. Pitfalls to look out for, holding hands during the waiting, kicking each other in the butts when it's also needed. I also like the fact jealousy doesn't come into play. We celebrate each others successes and rally during the disappointments.

    Without them to run the marathon with I honestly don't know what I would have done.

    BTW, I love the premise behind Highland Blessing, so for sure, put me in the hat. :-)

  7. Great post, Angie!

    Lloyd and Sia, thanks for coming by and celebrating with us!

    Sia, I love that you have the same kind of group. :)

  8. It really does feel like popcorn here :-)

    Thanks everyone for coming by today.

  9. Lloyd--thanks for stopping by!!

    Sia--you're so right about learning from each other. The same thing is happening here, and when you find a group of people that mesh and can get along it is truly a blessing.
    These ladies, like your group I'm sure, are great ladies of faith, putting their trust in the Lord. I'm thankful that God put them in my life.

  10. You are indeed very lucky to have each other to share the journey with and I didn't notice until today the cute photos at the bottom of the page. Everyone should scroll down to see the pillow fight :) Looked like fun!

    EvaMariaHamilton at gmail dot com

  11. Eva Maria, we had such fun at that conference. It was the first time we'd all been together in person. :)

  12. That is why I believe we are here!
    To see our family, friends and others
    through the difficult times and to celebrate a joyous outcome.
    Many thanks, Cindi