Sunday, May 23, 2010

Celebrating the Great Historical Novel

Christy here.... Welcome to F.A.I.T.H.
This week we are celebrating the release of Jennifer Hudson Taylor's Debut Novel Highland Blessings!!!

I'm especially excited about Jennifer's novel because the first year I attended the ACFW Conference, I met this sweet, special and talented individual after months of getting to know each other online through the FAITH blog. Together with Mindy and Angie, we celebrated Jennifer's accomplishments in the Genesis contest. It was an exciting time and it has been wonderful experiencing this part of her career.

I think an author's journey is just as interesting as the books they write. When you think of the greatest historical novel, or an awesome historical author, who do you think of?  I think we'll all add Jenn's book to that list of great historical novels with the teasers we've been given on the blog this week, I know we'll all want our very own copy. Don't forget to leave your email address to be entered to win a copy of Jennifer's book!

For as long as I can remember, there's been one novel that has stood out to me as absolutely wonderful. I loved the book, became enthralled with the author, got caught up in the movie, the era of the time the book was set and when it was written.

The book I'm speaking of is Gone With the Wind.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit the Margaret Mitchell House in Atlanta. This visit was a long time coming! I was introduced to the book by my grandmother when I was in 5th or 6th grade. The museum didn't open until the 90s and I still had not been able to arrange a trip.

Finally, I hooked up with two great friends to accompany me to the city and tour the house.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to photograph the apartment where Margaret and her husband John Marsh resided, so I did the next best thing... took a photo of the icebox right outside her apartment. This hallway leads into the area of the museum where pictures of Margaret are displayed as well as first printings of GWTW and foreign copies of the book.

Of course, I had to sit in front of a replica of the typewriter Margaret used. I wonder if I'd still be a writer if I was typing on this?
Ms. Mitchell worked ten years on Gone With the Wind. If I were using one of these, my book would probably take me 30 years!

Only 10,000 copies of Gone With The Wind were printed in the first run. The publisher had to hurry to print additional runs to meet demand.

This is an overview of the media room where a video runs of the making of Gone With the Wind.

The larger view overlooks the back yard of the Margaret Mitchell House. And here, I'm standing in front of Margaret's small one bedroom apartment.

But one last thing I had to do before I left the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum was to do something the director of the tour said Ms. Mitchell did every morning when she came out of her apartment.

She claimed this lion head was her good luck charm. Now, I don't believe in good luck charms, per say, but what if....

I hope you enjoyed my photos of the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum. I had so much fun visiting.

I pray Jennifer's book will have much success, as well as the books that will follow Highland Blessings.  Thank you for letting me share my adventure to the Margaret Mitchell House during this week of celebrating Jennifer's debut novel. It's a week to celebrate success, wherever you are in your career. Keep writing, the possibilities are endless! 


  1. Looks like you had a great time. I'm sure your friends enjoyed accompanying you in all your enthusiasm. **grin**

    Jenn's book is not already a success, but will continue to be successful as one by one many others discover her unique writing talent.

  2. Oops, I meant to say...

    Jenn's book is already a success, and will continue to be successful as one by one many others discover her unique writing talent.

    Got tangled up in my words. Sorry!

  3. Hi Christy:

    I saw your picture at the typewriter and I had a satori!

    Today you look back at the typewriter and wonder about writing back then. The writer with a typewriter looks back at the fountain pen and wonders. The fountain pen writer looks back at the feather and inkwell and wonders. The inkwell writer looks back and wonders how they wrote without dictionaries. That writer looks back and wonders how they wrote without paper. That writer wonders how they wrote without animal skins. That writer wonders how they wrote without punctuation. That writer wonders how Homer did it without writing. A caveman wonders if coming up with a language would be a good idea. (What’s wrong with animial sounds?)

    But now travel into the future.

    A future writer will wonder what did writers do before they had a computer that would write an entire publishable novel, in the style of any writer selected, by samply typing in a story outline with a short synopsis. (Even then they will complain about the dreaded synopsis.)

    Even more into the future?

    People wonder what a writer was!

    Don’t quit your day job.


  4. I have ordered Highland Blessings and am eagerly waiting for it to arrive

    An Arkies Musings

  5. Vince,

    So true!!

    Christy--I'm glad you had a great time. I just recently went there myself. I think Jenn (out of state) beat us both to it!

    It's been fun this week celebrating Jenn's release. I know soon we'll be celebrating yours!! (Let's get this story out!)

  6. Dianna, LOL, I didn't know if you'd want me posting pictures of you... However, I may take liberties on my own blog ;)

    Aww, Vince... You are so right on all counts... except I really dislike the reminder not to quit my day job... HOWEVER, I'm a smart one and have NO intentions of quitting my day job.

    Welcome to FAITH RICHIES!

    Lindi, I'm with you... I've got to get to work and get this story out!!! Several of us do!

    I'm going to restart the challenge on my blog. I said it last week, but this week, I've got to start plugging away!

  7. I loved visiting Margaret Mitchell's house and museum! Glad you enjoyed your visit.

    Richies, Thank you for ordering my book.

    Dianna, Thank you for the encouragement!

    Vince, You have a vivid imagination. While I learned to type on an electronic typewriter, I've been using computers since the 4th grade. I can't imagine writing the way Margaret Mitchell had to write. And with all the changes in the publishing industry, I can only imagine what is coming down the pipeline.

    Christy, Keep up with the challenges!

  8. Everyone, Thank you for celebrating the release of Highland Blessings!

  9. What a great celebration week! And Christy, thanks for sharing. I've driven by the house dozens of times but have never visited. I guess I need to do so! :)

    Jenn, if you used computers since 4th grade, then you're a baby!! I remember the main thing I typed on in high school and college was an electric typewriter where you popped out the ink cartridge, popped in a correction cartridge, typed over the letter/word, then put the ink cartridge back in. Oh my gosh, it was horrible. Of course at the time, we thought it was revolutionary because you didn't have to use that corrective tape. :)

    I'll gather all the names and do the drawing for Highland Blessings tomorrow. I'll announce the winner here and will also contact the person.

    Thanks everyone!

  10. The winner of an autographed copy of Highland Blessings is Dianna! Congrats, Dianna! I'll email you with details. :)

  11. Congrats Dianna! You are the luckiest person I know!