Monday, May 17, 2010

Celebrating Jenn's Release This Month

Hi all. Lindi here.

Jennifer Hudson-Taylor has her first release out this month. Highland Blessings. Jenn received a 4.5 from RT--which is a very big deal.

Last week I asked the question what would you do for a month if money was no object. Today I'm going to ask you a different question--but again, get those imaginations rolling.

Pick one one of your books you've written. What would you do as a special something to promote it upon it's release. It could be theme related or anything. Missy did something pretty special when we were in Minneapolis at the book signing. It had to do with a quilt.

Maybe she'll tell the story.

Jenn's book is a Scottish Historical---what fun would that be!!!

Please comment to have your name in a drawing for a free copy of Jenn's book! We'll draw a name on Friday from all the people who leave a comment.


  1. When Gems of Wisdom comes out next year (pending) I want to throw pirate parties. I think it would be a blast to do a masquerade party complete with a treasure chest, eye patches, and maybe even a treasure hunt. It fits the theme :-)


  2. That would definitely be memorable Angie! Cool!

    The only thing coming to my mind is a 78 Jeep Wagoneer... but that simply won't work... too huge to haul to book signings, I don't own one, too huge, period.

    I'll think on this one and come back to ya....

  3. Very creative, Angie. You go, girl.

    Christy, I think you should link your first sales to Aplastic Anemia since that plays a big role in your story. Linking those two could also make the difference for those who'd buy but are being indecisive.

    My first story has a stalker and my second a serial killer. Don't think I want to link myself to either of those two things. I think I might like to come up with a unique phrase or symbol. What would that be? I don't know. It's too early to be that creative.

  4. Thanks for mentioning it, Lindi. I had a quilt on my cover last June, so I took a quilt to cover the table at all my book signings. My sister loaned it to me. :) It was actually pieced but not quilted so it was thin enough to pack in my luggage and to haul around.

    Jenn, we're so exited about your release! Y'all please be sure to leave comments this week. I'll draw one name at the end of the week and will order a copy of Highland Blessings to be mailed to the winner! Please leave your contact info.

  5. Hi Belinda:

    I’m reading Highland Blessings now. It’s off to a great start!

    I have an idea for Highland Blessings. Have you ever heard of the Scottish Games?

    They are held around the country. The Games may be a great place to set up a book signing. Usually they will get a lot of publicity. And the lassies who go to these events probably have a thing for highland lads!

    Talk about a targeted market!


  6. Congrats, Jenn!!

    Because my book is about abortion and a pregnancy crisis center, when(not if) it's published, I would like to host a book release party where each guest is asked to bring a small gift or monetary donation for the local pregnancy crisis center.

  7. I'm not a writer, but I read lots of Christian fiction and am eager to get to Jennifer's book. I've read many English historicals in the secular market and am thrilled to see Highland Blessings published.

    As far as publicity, I love Edwina's idea of guests bringing gifts for a pregnancy crisis center.

    cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

  8. Edwina, that's a great idea! I know Debby Giusti usually chooses a cause for each book signing and donates proceeds to that cause.

    Vince, I'm pretty sure Jennifer is signed up to go to the Highland games! :)

  9. Carole, thanks for being a reader! :) I also love reading historicals.

  10. Some really great ideas! I've never heard of such great launches for books. But, I love these big event ideas. They would be fun. I'm writing a historical set in 18th Century Scotland so I'll add Scottish dancers and a Robbie Burns night to the mix of ideas. Shearing sheep may be a little too crazy! :)

    EvaMariaHamilton at gmail dot com

  11. LOL, Eva Marie! I'm picturing a poor little baaa-ing sheep at your book launch. :)

  12. Oh my. I just now noticed it's Eva Maria. I don't think I've ever put an a at the end! I've always thought it was Marie. I'm so sorry for all the times I've written your name wrong! :)

  13. Not a problem Missy. I am used to it. I even have a photo of me when I was a child with a birthday cake that reads Eva Marie. So don't worry! :)

  14. Ang,

    What a great idea for the pirate parties. Your book is so good and helpful. It's insightful, well thought out and spiritual. I know it will be a success.

  15. Christy,
    It would be tought hauling around a 78 Jeep Wagoneer. Maybe you could get a model of one and a Barbie and Ken doll. Hmmm..Just an idea.

  16. Dianna,

    i also like your idea for Christy's story.
    And yes, you don't want to get into serial killers or stalkers for your theme...Well, we'll think on it. You at night, me in the a.m.

  17. Missy,
    That was a great launch idea for your book. I remember us taking a pic of it didn't we?

  18. Vince,
    I think Jenn has been to the Scottish games. I'm not sure but I've heard her mention it in some way.
    And thanks for picking up her book. We all really appreciate every one who visits our blog and the encouragement you give us.

  19. Edwina--
    That's a fabulous idea for a book launch. And think of how many people will benefit.

    Great idea.

  20. Edwina,
    What a great idea for a book launch. And think of how many people it will help.

  21. Carole,
    Thanks for coming by. I love to read as well. And again, thank you for encouraging us by stopping by.

  22. Eva Maria--Yeah! Another Scottish author. I LOVE historicals. That's the genre I read for many, many years. I woudn't read anything else.
    Now I read a really wide variety, but I can't forget my first love.

  23. First of all, I want to thank my F.A.I.T.H. sisters for celebrating my long-awaited release of Highland Blessings!

    Second, In regard to some unique things I've done for my release, a while back I had photos taken of me in my highland gown for my promotional pieces and I'm also wearing my gown to a few of my book signings.

    Vince you had a great idea about the highland games. It's one of the first suggestions Abingdon Press made when they contracted me. So...I will be at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games promoting and signing copies of Highland Blessings in July. It's the largest highland games event on the US east coast over a 4-day period, drawing as many as 10,000 people. I've always wanted to attend these games, and it is so neat to first do so as an author promoting my book.

    Another thing that I started doing to draw in some historical readers to my blog is a monthly historical trivia game. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I post trivia questions and the first person who gets the correct answer gets a point. At the end of the month, the person with the most points is the winner and I give that individual a choice of three gifts to choose from. The first month in March the winner chose a Jane Austen DVD of Sense & Sensibility. The April winner chose a coffee mug and Christmas ornament from Boone Hall Plantation. It's fun and I enjoy it!

  24. Oh, by the way, I've only been to the Loch Norman Highland Games in Huntersville, NC.

    Also, I love the pirate theme!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!