Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dancing Your Way to Publication

Mindy here, eagerly awaiting tonight's grand finale of the latest installment of Dancing With the Stars. Erin Andrews, Evan Lysacek, and Nicole Scherzinger have endured weeks of rigorous training, heeded the advice of professionals and judges, and honed their skills until they are worthy of the coveted mirrored ball trophy.

Although their journey is compacted, it bears similarities to the life of a writer. Like dancing, writing requires training. We learn from other authors, editors, and agents who know the elements of the dance, the "rules," and how to execute them, or even break them, in a manner that will allow our work to shine.

Once we've polished our work to the best of our ability, it's time to perform. We send it off to our crit partners, enter contests, submit to editors and agents, then prepare for their feedback. They point out what we did well, and what we did wrong. Armed with the sometimes painful critique, we get back to work, focusing on those areas that need special attention-characterization, setting, POV-until the time comes to put it out there again.

Our scores improve. We get requests, first for partials, then fulls. We acquire an agent. An editor loves your story and takes it to committee. Nervously, you wait. Then one day, you get THE CALL. Your hard work has paid off. It took practice, perseverance, and even pain, but you achieved the goal set before you so long ago.

Where are you on your journey to publication? Are you just learning the basic steps of the dance? Are your scores improving? Are you in the finals, waiting for the mirrored ball trophy to be placed in your hands? What keeps you going every step of the way?

I invite you to join me over at Divine Imagination. This week's featured author is Lena Nelson Dooley. You could win a copy of her latest release, Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hi All:

    I predict that Nicole Scherzinger & Derek Hough are going to win. Anyone else willing to go out on a limb?


  2. I'm pulling for them, Vince. I know some people think she's got an unfair advantage, but I think she's the best dancer and has worked really hard.

    Great post, Mindy! This journey is all about learning, practicing, "performing." And of course, the learning and practicing keeps on coming even after the first sale. :)

  3. I posted earlier, but when I returned my post was gone. Don't know why, and this is about the third time this has happened. ??? Just letting you ladies know.

    My response earlier was that, Mindy, you made a great comparison. I'm not a Dancing with the Stars watcher (terrible I know), but the analogy was very accurate.

  4. I can't afford to spare the time to watch all these shows people keep talking about...sigh...maybe one day!

  5. I hadn't had a chance to watch the show in a few weeks. I always liked Erin. I'm glad she's in the top 3. And Vince, you predicted right!!