Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fictionfinder from ACFW

Angie here:

We've had a wonderful time sharing about new releases from my cookbook, Creative Cooking for Colitis, to Jenn's new historical, Highland Blessings, and Lindi's new contract.

But did you know that there's a new way to find out the books you love, the authors, the genres, and even the social issues? You can even find the level of content including romance, sexuality, horror, etc.

Where in the world could you find all that plus? I'm so glad you asked ;-)

American Christian Fiction Writers created the most unique and amazing tool for readers, bookstores, publishers, authors, libraries... yes, anyone. It's found at and will introduce you to authors and books in quick, easy links. You can even find the author you love and compare that style of writing to other authors in the same genre or style so you can try new authors and know you'll love them.

I should mention to the writers following our blog that this is a great place to look for similar/competitive books for your proposals too.

Sign up for your own free account as a reader, author, publisher, or publicist. You'll be able to upload your work or search for the book you want to read next.

ACFW is sending 3 of our officers (myself as publicity officer, our president, and vice president) to ICRS June 27-30, 2010 so we can promote  to book sellers, publishers, and industry professionals and make a few fun major announcements as well. If you're in St. Louis, please come to the Americas Center and visit.We'll be giving away a book bag full of prizes each day of the ICRS event!

If that's not in your travel plans, please visit and play for a bit. Enjoy finding the next book you want to read and tell me if Missy and Jenn have uploaded their info yet so I can pester them if they haven't. ;-)

Thank you,
Angie Breidenbach
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  1. Yes, I did get mine uploaded! :) It's a very cool site. Thanks for all your work, Angie!

  2. Good luck on your trip, Angie. I hope you accomplish all you'd hoped.

  3. Hope and pray all goes well. I've already uploaded my info on FictionFinder! I think it will be a great and valuable resource.

  4. I think when we get the book stores around the country introduced to fictionfinder, that we'll really enjoy the results in the Christian fiction world :-) Readers will find what they want, store personnel can help customers, and writers can feature their work.

  5. A great promotion tool, thanks for sharing, Angie!