Thursday, May 13, 2010

We Have a First Sale!!

We have a first sale to celebrate today! Yes, our very own Lindi Peterson has sold a sweet romance (a previous Maggie Award finalist) to BelleBooks!!! It'll be titled Her Best Catch and will be released in the winter of 2011!

I've read this book and LOVE it! The first time she sent me a few chapters to critique, I told her, "This is The One. This is your voice." So yay!! I'm so glad BelleBooks editor Deb Smith recognized it as well! :)

Lindi, we're so excited for you! Congratulations! And if you get a chance, could you share a blurb?


  1. WOO HOO!!! STILL Snoopy Dancing for you!!!

  2. You go, Lindi. I'm so excited for you...I don't even want to go to work. If I could, I'd take you out to a celebration lunch today.


  3. Thanks! Dianna I would love a celebration lunch. Will do it in June.
    Christy, if I could dance I would. (You are a great dancer by the way.)

    This post wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for all the help support and encouragement from so many people. I'm so thankful to everyone--and especially God! He's what has shaped all of our writing and set us on a good path.
    We praise Him!

    Below is a blurb of the story.

    Allison Doll’s mother is rebelliously turning fifty, her two best friends have started dating and a gorgeous injured relief pitcher has joined her Sunday school class rocking her world into confusion, heartache and temptation, places she hasn’t visited in a long time, much less all at once.
    But with the help of family, old friends she really hasn’t lost, a new friend she really can count on, and God, she finds herself no longer a girl waiting for life to happen, but a girl who’s ready to commit to Her Best Catch!

    I still can't believe it. I truly can't. If you're out there and you've been writing for a long time and haven't had that sale, hang in there, pray, write, and it will happen.

  4. Lindi,
    I am so excited for you! I'm secretly doing the Snoopy dance (I have 2 left feet)! This awesome news has made my day!!


  5. I'm finally online to join in the celebration!! :)

    Woo hoo, Lindi!!

    And I hear there's some good contest news among us today (hint, hint for two people to share!)


  6. Yay, Lindi! I'm so excited for you! It's been a long time coming and you deserve it! I'm so happy for you!

  7. Eva Marie--Thank you!! I am still celebrating.

  8. Missy, thanks for the post and the call---!!

  9. I could have sworn I commented this morning. Anyhoo...

    Yay, Lindi!!! I'm just thrilled for you. You deserve it, girl.

  10. The book sounds sooooo good! Can't wait to read it!!!

  11. Lindi - I'm so thrilled for you! I can't wait to read the book. Doing a dance, albeit a not very good dance, for you!

    Terri Weldon


    Wonderful news!!!