Monday, May 10, 2010

What Would You Do For A Month?

Belinda here: Hope everyone had a happy Mother's Day. We had a graduation party for my son who graduated from college this weekend. Our temps on Sunday were in the low 70's with a slight breeze. It was a beautiful day.

It was a hectic week heading into the weekend, but it was all worth it. Seeing everyone visit, eat, enjoy food and laugh--you can't put a price on that.

But I will admit to a little craziness in the attitude as the week started. I think I felt overwhelmed. Not a great feeling. But you do what you can when you can and somehow everything gets done and all is well and good.

At the graduation ceremony there were over 1000 graduates. The valedictorian gave a speech. Tough thing to do with the outlook of the current economy. She did a great job. She even said something along the lines of, take a road trip, go to Europe for the summer, volunteer where you want to for a couple of months.

So my question to you is, if you had a month, and money wasn't an object, what would you do?
Road trip the USA?
Stay on the island of Hawaii?
Stay in your house and not tell anyone?

Please tell!!


  1. Congrats to Boy Child! :)

    If I had a month and money was no object, I'd go to one of those private islands you can rent (you know, the one owned by the Virgin Airlines guy?) and would spend a month writing in that paradise.

    So, Lindi, will you be granting that wish for me??? ;)

  2. Belinda,
    There is no way you are old enough to have a son graduating from

    If I had a month, I too would go to a private island with my hubby. While he worked remotely during the day, I would sit on the beach and write all day long.

    God, if you're listening, I can have my bags packed in less than 30 minutes!!

  3. Well...assuming my men were all away at scout camp, I'd first visit each of my three daughters. I'd rent the nicest hotel room so I'd have time/quiet to write in the evenings. Considering one of them lives in Jacksonville, FL, a beach house would be required. Then I'd take each of them and the grands to do the funnest things in town, lounge on the beach, and probably do some shopping, spoiling my girls.
    The last two weeks, I would spend at a secluded little cabin tucked in the mountainside in Ouray, Colorado. I'd have it stocked before I got there so I'd have no need to leave. I'd split my time between writing at the desk in front of the picture window and relaxing in a chaise on the sprawling deck.
    Oh, and I'd fly first class to each desination :-)

  4. I know exactly what I would do. I would go to the grocery and stock up on "essentials" and lock the doors, turn off the phone, and delve into that HUGE stack of books that is sitting there waiting to be read. That way, I could travel the world and make lots of exciting new friends without having to spend anything at all or leave the comfort of my own home. I already live in paradise so I have all the beautiful scenery I could ever ask for. Since I am the world's biggest penny-pincher, this is the perfect solution for me!

  5. Such a hard decision to make, and I've never been good at making decisions. But, I think I'd like to spend the time at the beach...a house would be nice. Then I'd have time to write, read, and relax in no particular order. You know, do what I want, when I want, with no one else's time schedule to meet.

    Congrats to your son! Such an exciting time, finishing your studying and getting ready to start your adult life for real. I'm sure he's up to the challenge. And, I know you're a proud Mama.

  6. Hi Belinda:

    This is easy. I’d pay the Russians their $35,000,000 and spend a week on the space station. Then I would write about the experience for the rest of the time. Yes, it would be a romance with a Russian cosmonaut heroine. I even have a title in mind: "Ruthless Russian, Lost Innocence". Oh, that title is already taken. I'll have to think of another one. : )


  7. LOL, Edwina! All you'd need to pack would be the swim suit and computer. :)

    How fun, Mindy! And you're even being generous by sharing it. I feel kind of bad not including anyone else. ;)

    What a great plan, Jan Marie! Where do you live that's so scenic?

  8. Dianna, going away where there's no set schedule is part of what I love about vacation!

    Wow, Vince! I guess I haven't been dreaming big enough! :) Yes, space would be really cool!!

  9. Missy--Edwina--you see I think we could all go to the island. It will be big enougha and we can go off and write-then gather for food! (To eat-not scavenge!) We can brainstorm and talk writing.

    And Edwina--Boy child is the last of four to graduate college--I have 2 stepdaughters and my daughter-all who are older than him.

  10. Mindy,
    Shopping, grands and're tickling my funnybone there. That doesn't sound like a bad idea at all. I think I like it.

  11. Jan,

    Ah...reading. I LOVE it. I can't even remember a time when I haven't been a reader. You must live in a beautiful place.
    I don't really have a view from my home, but we live surrounded by trees and the best days are when the wind is blowing and the trees sway in the wind--I love that sound.

  12. Dianna,
    On the beach--doing whatever you want, whenever you want. That sounds like a fabulous time.

    And I think you're pretty good at making decision. You've written a couple of have decision-making skills. :) (Or maybe it's that you like to decide what your CHARACTERS will do!)

  13. Vince--I NEVER would have thought of that---the spaceship. I think I'd be scared to death. But I'm happy to let you take that trip and tell us all about it.
    Wouldn't that be amazing if we could go up in space? Just like getting on an airplane?

  14. Okay, Lindi, you didn't tell Vince that I can barely get you on a plane! LOL So I'd probably have to knock you out to get you on a spaceship. :)

    Vince, Lindi isn't too fond of heights. Let's just say that I always get the window seat when we travel together. :)

  15. Vince, I'm afraid she's right. A spaceship might be a bit much right for me.