Monday, June 28, 2010

Advice From Beth Moore

Lindi here.

I know many of you have heard of Beth Moore. She writes Bible studies, mainly for women, but my hubby has done a couple with me. Bethy (I call her that for some reason) is very gifted and the world is glad she was obedient to the Lord and followed His calling for her life. We have all benefited from her obedience.

She's amazing to watch on DVD. Her delivery and stories keep you tuned in always. Never a dull moment in a Bethy study delivery.

She said something in one of her studies. (This is terrible, but I can't remember which one it was!) She was talking about keeping it real through all the things God has led her to do. She talked about being afraid that the studies would take on an importance that surpassed her love of the Lord. This is how she said she kept herself in check.

I am paraphrasing here: She said that if you are doing something for the Lord you should be able to step back and give it to someone else if you feel God has led that person to do it instead of you.

Okay, so this is how I took it. If I start some ministry at my church and it becomes apparent Jane over here can do it much better, I should be able to hand it over to Jane. The Lord is in control. Not me, not Jane.

I must confess I used to be bad about this type of thing. Especially at my job. If I had a stack of work, and someone offered to help, I'd think of every excuse I could to get them to leave my work alone. It was mine! Their offer made it seem like I couldn't do it. How dare they! You know, insinuate I couldn't do my job.

Or what about if you felt led to start a program or ministry at your church. Are you willing to take other people's ideas? Confession here--- I used to bristle at those things. After all, it was my idea!

Well, really, was it? If I'm operating in the spirit of the Lord, it was really His idea.


I've been working on this aspect for years. And I'm glad to say I've made progress. Shoot, come ask to help me with my work now and I'll let you take your pick at what you want to do--no questions asked!! And I try to remember I don't have the biggest next best idea---the Lord does!!

So when I'm involved with programs, studies, ministries at our church I'm constantly asking myself---Could you turn this over? If the answer is yes, I know I'm working with the Lord---not against Him.

Has anyone else struggled with this? Just asking!


  1. Lindy,
    I was the same way at work until a number of years ago, I realized I couldn't do it all! I had to delegate or be buried in work!

    Earlier this year, I felt God was leading me to take a sabbatical at church - meaning that I laid down a LOT of things. It was such a relief! This past weekend I attended a healing conference at my church that I would have planned had I not listened to God. My friend, who is now in charge of the healing ministry at our church did a FABULOUS job and it was so nice to attend and have no responsibilities but to listen!

  2. Lindi, I'm that way with things around the house. But I've learned over the years to give that up! Now I take all the help I can get in whatever form it comes in. :)

    Edwina, I'm glad you had such a great weekend!

  3. Edwina,

    Yes, I'm glad you got to go and relax. It is amazing the way the Lord puts things on our heart.

    Missy---I'm with you on the house stuff. I still remember the first time Lenny unloaded the dishwasher and washed his own clothes! I felt like a failure.
    But now more. We have a routine and I LOVE it.