Monday, June 14, 2010

Capturing The Moment

Lindi here.

This photo is my granddaughter. The company wanted her to model some new props they got in. They posted 6 or 7 pictures on FB. When I saw this one--well, my heart melted.

It captured a moment.

Photographs can tell a story. Just like writers. And photographs can inspire a story also. And don't we all as writers wish we can capture moments in our books that our readers will remember?

I know I do.

Do you have any moments from books that you've read that have really stuck with you? We'd like to hear about them.


  1. Beautiful little girl, Lindi. I know you and parents are proud. And, how neat that they asked her to model for them. Very cost efficient. :)

    With books I tend to remember plots and scenes. Probably the most heart-wrenching, show-God's-love scene I remember is in Lori Wick's book Sophie's Heart. The scene where she counsels the son and it comes out that he believes he killed his mom. He didn't of course, but Wick used that scene to show forgiveness and love very poignantly. Every once in a while I re-read that story just because it's a very touching story.

  2. Dianna--don't you love those scenes. Those ones you remember forever!

    It's so cool the impact those scenes have on us.

  3. Love the picture.

    I'm still thinking about the latest Deeann Gist book I read, Maid to Match. There were these 4am meetings the hero and heroine would have... the whole relationship between the hero and heroine was wonderful. She is a very talented author and never fails to draw me into each moment.

  4. What a gorgeous photo!! I hope you get a copy. :)

    I'm so tired, I can't think of a scene right now. but I'll come back later if my brain starts functioning again. :)

  5. The opening of Julie Lessman's A Passion Most Pure comes to mind. What Faith must have been feeling, seeing her sister with the man Faith loved. I just wanted to slap that sister.

  6. Christy--Yes, Deeanne is a very talented author--I need to read her latest!

    Missy--Sometimes there are so many scenes to choose from! Especially if one reads alot.

    Mindy--That was a memorable scene from Julie's book. But alas, all turns out well!