Thursday, June 3, 2010

Celebration and Giveaway!

Missy, here. I'm so excited to share that my book, His Forever Love, has been named a finalist for the Booksellers' Best Award! It was such a thrill to get a call this past weekend (and what a fun job for the contest coordinator to get to hear all the squeals of joy!). :)

I really enjoyed writing this book. It's a reunion story--well, sort of. The hero and heroine never actually dated. They were good friends and study partners. All through high school, though, the hero was crazy about the heroine. But she had no idea and got engaged to someone else. So maybe it's more a story of unrequited love--and about friends reuniting and falling in love. :)

To help celebrate today, I'd like to give away a copy to one of our commenters! To be entered in the drawing for a copy of His Forever Love, please do 2 things:
1. Make sure your email address is either in your profile or that you give it to me in your comment.
2. Answer this question in your comment: Do you consider your stories to be character driven or plot driven? (I plan to do a future post on this topic!)



  1. Both, depending on the story. Sometimes the plot is thought of first and sometimes I think of the character first.

  2. A big Way To Go, Missy!!! I'm excited for you.

    Answer to your question: my stories are very obviously plot driven to the point that I often have to revise back in character traits and relationship actions/thoughts. I get zinged often on that in contests.

    Don't enter me in the drawing because I already have your book. :-)

  3. Missy,

    Congrtulations!! Well deserved!

    My writing is definitely character-driven.


  4. RBooth, I'm like you. It varies. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Dianna, yes, I can see how you would be more plot driven when you're writing suspense. It would be easy to get wrapped up in what needs to happen next to make it all work out. I think suspense would be difficult! Of course, you have built in conflict if you have a villian, though. That would be nice. :)

  6. Thank you, Edwina! I love to develop characters. I love all the charts and planning! I even write a diary in first person to get to know the characters. So fun!

  7. Always great to hear good news!
    Congratulations and Good Luck!

    As for your question, I think a good mix of both would be ideal. So I hope my ms has strong elements of both. Looking forward to a future post on that for sure.

    And yes I did enter the maggies and hope that you do judge my entry, because I would love your feedback on it. "Kind and constructive" sounds wonderful.

    Have a nice Thursday night everyone!

    EvaMariaHamilton at gmail dot com

  8. Eva Maria, I'll give a hint that what made me think about doing the post is something I read. The author said we shouldn't think about our writing as one of the other. It better be both! :)

    I'm glad you entered the contest!

  9. Missy, I'm so happy for you! I'll be cheering you on here in NC.

  10. Since you have to HAVE a plot to be plot driven I would say my stories are character driven.

    And congrats on the call!! It's always exciting to hear you are a finalist.

  11. LOL, Lindi! Are you implying you don't have a plot?? [grin]

  12. Gosh Missy... I logged on yesterday morning and was too sleepy to answer and this morning is no better... Can it be a little of both? LOL!

    Congrats on finaling, girl!!!

  13. Edwina, you're the winner of a copy of His Forever Love! I'll email you for your addy. :)