Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do you celebrate birthdays?

Angie here:
Today is my birthday. A few people have already wished me well and a few family have asked me what I want.

Funny aside: I've never been much for birthdays. Not mine or anyone's. In our family, my husband tracks them. He does it because if he didn't, they'd all get forgotten.

For years I've thought the one who should be celebrated is the mom. After all, she carried the baby and labored through the long birth. It seems to me that I should be thanking my mom for giving birth to me not the other way around.

Sometimes I tell other people my theory. The responses are interesting. The vast majority never thought about reversing the celebration in favor of the one who gave them birth. Have you?

So today, even though mom is in heaven, I thank her for my life. I thank God that he chose my mom for me and all those interesting things that happened because of God's divine will. I thank my dad too. I thank him for loving me and wanting to be a dad.

Most of all, I thank God for this amazing journey toward heaven. For letting me live to 46. For giving me dreams that are just now coming true. I thank God for the lilacs I smell outside my window today and the ability to use all of my physical senses. I thank him for creating me with a vivid imagination to use it as a writer and speaker. I'm so appreciative that he gave me the gift of children and grandchildren.

Today I celebrate the gift of life from the most holy God through my parents.

Angela Breidenbach
PS Mom, I look forward to finishing this life with gusto and thanking you in person one day.


  1. Very touching, Angie. Thanks for sharing your tribute. And, Happy Birthday.

    I always keep up with the b-days with the exception of mine. But, my husband is no slouch in that area either. I've always used my children's b-days as a way to let them know they are my gift from God and they are exactly what I prayed for.

  2. I agree, our children are amazing gifts :-)

  3. Angie,

    Happy Birthday!

    Your idea of thanking our mothers is a great one that I will implement!


  4. Happy Birthday, Ang!

    I think my husband shares a bit of your philosophy. He always gives me roses on my kids birthdays because, he says, I'm the one who did all the work.

    Me, on the other hand, I've always made a big deal about my kids birthdays because it's the day God chose to give them to me. A definite time of celebration.

  5. Happy birthday, Angie!! I'm thankful for your mom and dad as well.

    And what a great way to think of birthdays! I'm afraid I've always been a bit selfish on mine.

    Mindy, what a cool thing your hubby does!

  6. Hey Edwina, Mindy, and Missy. It's really fun celebrating with you all and sharing a bit of an unusual idea. Yes, Mindy, your hubby is a classy guy :-) You tell him we said so!

  7. Happy Birthday Ang!! I like your take on birthdays....although I must admit to being a big fan of my own birthday. I think I just like to celebrate--you know, any change you get!

  8. Happy 46th Birthday Angie!

    Good for you for not shying away from telling everyone your age! I always tell my mom to tell everyone she's 10 years older than she is so that they will always compliment her on how great she looks! :) I have interesting ideas about birthdays too! lol And I've had the idea of celebrating moms on birthdays - glad I'm not alone in that!

    Like Lindi, I am a huge fan of celebrating Birthdays and every other occasion (hence the length of this post). I think it's an important time for instilling tradition and family values. I always love looking back and remembering the good times. And every year we have is a blessing.

    Dianna what you say and do with your children sounds very nice. Wouldn't it be great if every child knew how special and how very wanted and loved they were?

    Mindy - yesterday you told us about relaxing in your pool, today you tell us about your wonderful husband - lucky you! :)

    God Bless!

  9. Lol, thanks Eva. No, I've never worried about age. I don't know if I will, but I don't yet :-) I happen to think my 40's are the best part of life so far. Each year is getting even better.

    Thanks for such a nice birthday wish :-)

    Hey, Lindi, so appreciative of your birthday greeting too. It's been a great day!

  10. I told you Happy birthday yesterday, but I hope it was a great one. So I'm not as look as this comment may look. Very thoughtful post. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hey Angie, I'm a day late but Happy Birthday!!!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Thank you so much, Jenn and Terri. I am so appreciative of the birthday wishes. I am really having a good time with everyone's thoughts on making our moms special on our birthdays. :-)

  13. Eva, you are correct. Despite the occasional inconvenience, I am definitely blessed :-)