Monday, June 7, 2010

God At Work-Again :)

Lindi here.

And I'm trying to make you sing
From inside where you believe
Like it's something that you need
Like it means everything

And I'm trying to make you feel
That this is for real
The lief is happening,
That it means everything
I'm just trying to make you sing.
(The Lark Ascending (Or Perhaps More Accurately I'm Trying To Make You Sing)
A Collision
David Crowder Band

Okay, so I have this story about two musicians. And everyone who knows me knows my fav band is......David Crowder Band. The words about are from their album A Collision. It is the very last song.

Well, I have those words plastered in front of me on a cork board and they are at the beginning of my story. While I've been working on this book I've been listening to the CD Remedy by David Crowder. It's the only CD I listen to while working on this book. But remember, the words and song I'm writing my book about aren't on the Remedy Cd.

So, I'm doing a little research today and I come across this interview.

Becoming the Remedy
Jackie A. Chapman : Copyright Christianity Today International

These songs [on Remedy] express what we did in finding life. It was us making music for us and our church [in response to what we were going through]. Looking back, we couldn't have planned that.How did you get from an epic 73-minute mapped-out A Collision to the simpler 10-track album Remedy?Crowder: You were set up for an album like Remedy, though you might not have realized it. We're kind of weird to think that far ahead but we knew that the next [full-length] record after A Collision would be a set of simple songs in a simpler format that are really accessible. So we put a sort of apology/explanation at the end of A Collision [in the song "The Lark Ascending (Or Perhaps More Accurately, I'm Trying to Make You Sing)"] when it says, "And I'm trying to make you sing, from inside where you believe, like it's something that you need, like it means everything. And I'm trying to make you feel that, this is for real, that life is happening, that it means everything, I'm just trying to make you sing." You're set up to move from this epic A Collision to a collection of songs to sing on Remedy.
To read the full interview click

So here I am, for the last two years, starting my story with the lyrics Crowder meant to ready us for the Remedy Cd---and that's the Cd I've been listening to while writing the book.

God works in such amazing ways. Sometimes I don't think I can begin to comprehend how He works. How these things we do in our life orchestrate in certain ways we have no idea of until much later.

So I continue on, walking around in my amazing God world. Knowing that the God who created the universe, the stars, the skies, the heavens and the earth and all of us truly cares for each and everyone of us.

How about you? Has God shown up in and just rocked your world lately?


  1. I'm under construction so God is always busy rocking my world. The sad thing is when I'm so overwhelmed by my circumstances that I don't always realize God's role in it until after the fact. I always feel like a recalcitrant child, running to God, saying, "I'm sorry. I didn't realize..."

    I love music too, Lindi. God often uses music to speak to me. Unfortunately, I can't sing very well, but I love to sit around and wrap myself up in music. I've always viewed music as the bubble that carries me to heaven. You know, like the bubbles that kids blow through the plastic hoops. So I usually close my eyes and envision myself in a huge bubble rising to meet with God.

    Sound weird?

  2. Dianna, I just love that image of music being a bubble!! I feel that too but never could have put in words. Thank you! :)

    And Lindi, that's so cool about that song and the interview! :)

  3. Dianna,

    I can't sing either, but I do love music. And I love what you said about the bubbles. Reminds me of the incense that carries our prayers....very cool!


    A very God thing that I found the interview.

  4. My husband gave me a beautiful grapes necklace 36 years ago. We never could find other jewelry to match. My husband died in 2001. Christmas last year I found earrings that matched the necklace. Then just before Mother's Day I found a ring to match. This is a great example of someone in heaven looking out of me.
    God Bless!

  5. Rbooth---what an amazing story! I know you were blessed by finding those matching items. I do agree--God was at work looking out for you.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

  6. I'm going to see the David Crowder Band when I participate in the Life and Faith Tour in Atlanta in July!

  7. I know you love the David Crowder band. I sure hope you get to go see them with Jenn in Atlanta :-) I'll be looking for them in Richmond and Rockingham on the first two stops of the Life and Faith Tour this summer.

    Yes, God has rocked my world! There's a sweetness I'm feeling in His care lately. He's meeting my needs in very surprising ways. A friend told me to journal it all. I think that's a great idea :-)

    Congratulations, Lindi, on your book! I am so excited for you.