Saturday, June 19, 2010

God's Sense of Humor & Grace

Jenn here.

For those of you who have been following my journey before publication, the first month of my book launch, and now post-debut novel release--things have only gotten busier.

Before publication, you promote your name and build your platform, but there isn't that sense of urgency. Having a book available online and on bookstore shelves for immediate purchase, changes all that. Once you get past the fun and stress of your book launch, the promotion piece of it is a permanent fixture in your life until the book goes out of print. It's like launching a new blog and then settling in to keep it maintained.

More prayer requests are now coming in through my website, and I welcome them. It's another way of giving God a chance to use my writing as a ministry. These individuals have trusted me to pray for them and I feel honored. God has entrusted me to support them in prayer and He has ensured this spiritual connection. When I think of all the tiny details that had to take place before I was ready to step into this role, I am so humbled, thankful, and grateful.

I once said I didn't want to write Christian entertainment, that I wanted to touch lives, plant seeds, and change hearts. Isn't it just like God to call me to do my heart's desire through the one thing that I once spurned through legalism? I love God's sense of humor and His grace in my life!


  1. Jenn, you've been such an encourager in my own journey, and I've learned so much from you in the way of launching AND trusting!

    I guess it just goes to prove we have to be always open to God's u-turns for our lives.

  2. You know, Jenn, it is entertainment. But it's entertainment that can touch lives, plant seeds and change hearts (with God working, of course!). So it's a double blessing!

    I can't wait to see you here in GA at the book signing, etc!

  3. Christa, Thank you so much for your kind words and inspiration. It's interesting that you used the word trusting--it's one of my greatest challenges. I appreciate the confirmation that I'm improving in an area of my weakness.

  4. Missy, Can't wait to see you tomorrow!