Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hot and Bothered

Mindy here, hoping to survive yet another sweltering summer day here in North Texas. It's nine in the morning and already the thermostat in the house is reading 82 degrees. That's inside.

A week without air conditioning has made me less productive and more cranky. So my question for you is this: How do you write through the tough times? Whether it's physical discomfort or emotional, what pushes you to keep going?

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

P.S. In the five minutes it took me to type this, the thermostat slipped to 83. Me thinks it's time to hit the pool :-)


  1. Oh, my! No A/C would mean sure insanity for me. Or crankiness at a minimum. :)

    Yes, hit the pool! Wish I could do that.

    I know I've said this before. A deadline is an amazing motivator to work through those tough times. Especially if you've signed your name to a contract. But even if it's a self-imposed deadline, it helps to treat it as you will later once you're contracted. It's great practice. :)

  2. Enjoy your pool! There's always a silver lining. :)

    There are so many things that push me... will power, good self-talk, determination and encouragement is always nice when some of those things wane.

    Hope you find rest away from the heat in a cool public place later.

  3. Oh, Mindy, I'm so sorry. Our AC went out last summer during the week when temps here in Atlanta were hitting the 104 mark. My entire family was miserable and cranky. I still wrote though...I carried a fan around with me from place to place and took cool showers when I couldn't take the heat anymore. Oh, yeah, I also went from shoulder length hair to very short hair. Unfortunately, we didn't have a pool. :( So, enjoy yours.

  4. Good news, ladies. The A/C is back on. Whoo-hoo!!!!!!! And with that annoyance out of the way, I managed four chapters of a read-through. That is, before the three-year-old woke up. In the words of Roseanne Roseannadanna, "It's always something." :-D

  5. Good news to hear the A/C is working again. Ours went out at the beginning of the season--but it seems to be working now.

    Keep up the good work!!

  6. Reminds me of my childhood before we had central air. It can get hot here in NC.

  7. Tuesday was our first warm day in months. We've had rain and snow all spring. I'm hoping for the sunshine more this week :-)