Monday, June 21, 2010

The Sky Is----Blue?

Lindi here:

Good Monday to everyone.

Today we're going to talk about the color blue. Well, actually we're going to see how many ways we can talk about the color blue.

Yesterday my step daughter and I were in the pool. We had a great day weather-wise here in Georgia. It was hot, but not toooooo hot-like it has been. There was somewhat of a breeze most of the afternoon.

Like Lisa and I said-it was a perfect pool day.

So, we're laying on these floats and I look at the sky and say something about how there wasn't one cloud to be seen. And the sky was so, well, blue.

But, could we get away with just saying it like that in our manuscripts? Not sure.

So, let's try our hand at this. Pretend this line "The sky is blue." is in your manuscript--and it's not dialogue.

How would you write it?


  1. The sky was the bright and vivid color of newly mined turqouise.

  2. She looked up to heaven, and was struck with the funny feeling of being inside of God's favorite marble-- clean glass tinted with happy color, streaked with sunlight and clouds. Was He playing now?

  3. Wow, you two! Very creative!

    Lindi, you're a hard task master. But okay, I'll try to play along. :)

    From atop the float where her fingers dipped into the cool water surrounding her, Lindi stared at the expansive sky--a perfect mirror of the bright blue pool below her.

    But I used the word "blue". Maybe I shouldn't have. :)

  4. Those are all good. It is Monday afternoon and my brain is too drained to come up with something.

  5. Amy, I totally understand that feeling! :)

  6. Great job!! And Missy, you were clever to use the pool--so using the word blue was A-Okay!

    Edwina--I could perfectly picture your sky!

    Pam--loved the description--what a visual treat!

    And Amy--yes, it is Monday--you notice I didn't post anything!!