Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ACFW Media Appointments at Indianapolis Conference

Angela Breidenbach here. I'm the publicity officer for ACFW and honored to tell you about the media appointments, something new and different, available at our conference in Indianapolis Sep. 17-20th, 2010. In fact, I don't know any other conferences that offer media training appointments.

Adding two new types of appointments for our authors is one of the reasons American Christian Fiction Writers conference is top in the industry.

The media appointments help educate Christian fiction authors in presenting themselves and their work in public, on radio, and on television. These are difficult things to do for many introverted people.

Rusty Shelton will be taking 30 appointments focused on delivering a sparkling message specific to the individual author while I will be taking 8 appointments focused on how to prepare, practice, and perform in the media.

Both styles of media appointments are intended to help authors not only feel more comfortable in the public eye, but to also help them create a stellar public appearance. With Rusty's ability to hone for the individual and my specialty in confidence and presentation, we hope that ACFW authors will be better prepared to share their work with the world.

In addition to the two styles of media appointments, we've also added mentoring appointments. Yes, agent and editor appointments are available too. ACFW is always looking for ways to enrich the conference experience for attendees. We hope that these new opportunities will enhance both the professional lives of our members and uplift the Christian fiction industry as ACFW authors step out into the media.

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  1. Thanks for the info Angie,
    a few of us were wondering about the mentoring appointments and basically what the premise is for this - what does one expect when they sit down with a mentor - is this the start of a career long relationship and/or just a brief meet to ask a published author questions about their experiences... If you would like to expand on this - I think that would be helpful! Thanks :-)

  2. The media appointments sound like a wonderful opportunity, but for those wanting to pitch to editors/agents, the media appointments can't happen. In the future, will there be way to provide these types of appointments at a time when they won't be conflicting with editor/agents?

    And, Angie, thanks for giving your time to help the rest of us introverts.

  3. Hi Christy,
    The mentoring appts are for the 30 min at conference. It's for any level from starting to needing a new career make over. It would be up to the mentor and mentoree if the relationship continued, but there are no set plans in that direction because it's such a personal situation.

    Hi Dianna,
    With the limited time at conference, this is a trial year for media appts. I hope they work out and get excellent feedback. If so, we can look at how to build and improve them next year :-) once the trial is successful, I would love to see it expand!

  4. Thanks for the info, Angie!

    Also, I like what I just read in that bio!! We'll talk more about it next week, though. :)

  5. Thanks, Missy. I'm pretty excited!