Thursday, July 15, 2010

Creating Memories

Missy, here. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about creating memories. I've been thinking specifically about family traditions and memories. Since my son has been home from college this summer, we've had a lot of family evenings together (thank you, Lord!). The other night, we grilled out and ate on the deck. It reminded me of summers past and gave me such a sense of peace and of all being right in the world.

At holidays, we love to do everything in the same way we've always done it. On vacation, we like to go to the same place and do the same activities.

Okay, so maybe some of you would say we're boring! :) But I don't think so. I hope our three kids will grow up and remember those times fondly. And I hope that they'll bring their families to visit us so we can carry on the traditions.

Another fun memory-making thing for me has been attending writing conferences and seeing my writing friends in person, getting to meet with my editor, getting to attend lunches or dinners or parties with my publisher and editors. Those are all activities I look forward to each year.

Oh, and I always look forward to rooming with Lindi. :) The photo above is of us at a conference. We always get along so well and do great as roommates! I could go on and on about conference traditions, but instead, I want to hear about some of your family traditions. Or to hear about any traditions you have with other writers.


  1. It is fun creating memories. And I love traditions and the idea of family traditions.
    Our family eats pancakes and sausages every Christmas. Not necessarily on Christmas day, but whenever we have the "Aebi" Christmas. It's the only time of the year I eat pancakes.
    I also make sauerkraut, pork and mashed potatoes on New Years Day. I'll try to think of a tradition that doesn't involve food!

    And I LOVE rooming with Missy. I'm looking forward to RWA-spending time with my friends and having that "girl" time with Missy. There was one conference a few year ago where Missy and I spent something like 7 hours on a plane trying to get to Dallas from the ATL. Normally an hour and a half trip. That is one memory I'll not forget, (WACO-here we come!) but really don't want to make a tradition of.
    Fun post, Missy!!

  2. OH, Lindi, I won't forget that trip either!! I remember getting to the hotel at almost 1 am and barely finding a place to eat dinner!

    We have food traditions as well. I always make biscuits and sausage gravy for Christmas breakfast. :)

  3. Traditions... Sorry, I have so many I wouldn't even know where to start. Seriously I have traditions for just about everything! I guess sentimentality will do that to a person. :) Hope everyone enjoys something from the past this summer and to everyone going to the conference have fun!

  4. Traditions are big around the Obenhaus home too. A couple of my kids are huge on them, expecting everything to be/happen the same as it did before. But as much we like tradition, we also like to explore new things, things that sometimes end up being new traditions.

  5. One tradition that I REALLY miss, is going to Grandma's for Sunday lunch after church. It was like a family reunion back then. We all went to different churches, but we all gathered afterward. I'd see my aunts, uncles, and cousins. And Grandma's homemade meals--fresh from the garden! I miss that so much. Grandma didn't go to church, but she'd be up making our Sunday lunch while we were all at service. All her children and grandchildren lived in Greensboro and we could do that. Now we're all spread out in different cities and it isn't possible.

    We'd also take them on vacations with us. I loved going to the beach with grandma and grandpa. My parents rarely told me "no" when they were around. In the last few years, we've sort carried on that tradition by taking my husband's parents with us on vacation.

  6. Eva Maria, you sound like me! :)

    Mindy, we've started new traditions as we go along as well. Sometimes out of necessity. But then they settle on us and we like them.

    Jenn, those Sunday dinners sound wonderful!! I love writing about that type thing--things I see happening in the small towns I've lived in since I married but that I didn't grow up with. Very cool.