Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting Away

Christy here. And to the left is my daughter picking daisies at my parent's home in Blairsville, Georgia. We drove up this weekend. It's a journey from the city to the mountains where the air becomes clearer - sometimes fresh smelling, sometimes you get the smell of manure - but it's the smell of the country and that's one thing I love most about getting away.

Blairsville is surrounded by mountains. A river runs through it, the water deposits into Lake Nottely that is drained once a year. At my parents home, they have a pond full of catfish, bass, bream, and turtles. A variety of birds flock to the back yard. The squirrels frolic around the trees and the bird feeders. Rabbits scamper about, their little white tails so fuzzy and cute.  And then, the deer creep across the yard in the evenings and early in the morning. They love to nibble on the saltlick and come looking for corn my parents put out for them. The deer stop to drink from the pond and chew on the ivy and weeds in the yard. If there's a flowering plant in their way, they'll eat that too.

Apparently, I'm not alone in the joy of journeying to the mountains. Traffic was thick up Blood Mountain yesterday and there's always bikers brave enough to pedal their way around those sharp curves.

Getting away means clearing my mind. I can make plans for things I need to accomplish. I can figure out how to reach my goals. I can relax and enjoy family time.

Been anywhere lately? Were you able to relax or did you stay on the run the entire time?


  1. Christy, I love the photo! She's so cute!

    We just had a wonderful week-long trip to the beach. It was so restful and fun. I read 4 or 5 books while there. Jenn's book, Highland Blessings, got hit by a rogue wave that drenched my beach bag. LOL But I was still able to finish it. It was amazing!

  2. Adorable picture! The deer are always fun to watch too. I grew up in the country, on a farm, and returning to those places, smells, wonders reminds me of the freedom of childhood.

  3. Well...just got back from the "farm." Having recently had a barn completed, there was lots of work to be done, moving stuff from the porch, pavillion, and utility room to their new home.
    Then there was that trip to Colorado over the fourth. Ahhhhhhhh. That's all I have to say about that :-)

  4. What a precious picture!

    My dh and I went to Savannah for Memorial Day weekend - wonderful trip. We hope to a long weekend in the north GA mountains this fall.

  5. Thanks ladies!

    Missy, 4 books! That's a lot of reading! Glad you had fun.

    Dianna, it's so relaxing - the drive up and just sitting on the porch. All is so quiet.

    Mindy, sounds like you worked at the farm. Glad the trip to CO was wonderful and fun and a success.

    Edwina, I've only driven through Savannah. I'd love to visit a little longer next time and take in the GA Coast. We went to Tybee Isl. years ago - but it was during February. I'd love to go back when we can enjoy some swimming.