Monday, July 19, 2010


Lindi here.

This last week a couple of amazing things happened. More confirmation that God is real, active and alive in our lives.

The first thing happened last Sunday night. I was at church and twice during the service I felt an overwhelming urge to pray for a certain couple I know. I mean this "urge" was like I needed to go to their house or something and pray with them. It was going on 9 o'clock when we left church and this couple lives nowhere around me. I also knew they were flying out of town on Monday. I still prayed for them though. Later that week I found out something happened on Monday regarding this couple. All is on the okay today, but God was stirring my heart for them. I know He was.

The second thing happened just a couple of days ago on Saturday. I was walking over to my phone to store a number and while walking my pastor's name jumped into my head with thoughts of calling him. Then I thought I really had no reason to call him except to maybe talk about Shipp Street, (a housing authority we do ministry at) and I really had no specific issue to talk to him about. So I picked up my phone to store the number I had running through my head and my phone was ringing and it was my pastor!
Most people answer the phone with a "hi" or "hello" but this time I answered with "I can't believe you're calling me. This is so weird." And I told him the story and he said "well, the it's about to get even weirder."

He was calling because the church we meet at had a flooded basement and he was wondering what my husband and I thought about having church at Shipp Street.

God is so amazing.

And yes, we had church at Shipp Street. And it also was amazing.

I also know I'm not the only one this happens to. I'm sure there are countless stories of how (as my pastor puts it) God has shown up! We'd love to hear!


  1. Aren't situations when God speaks to us always amazing, Lindi? I love it when God shows up like that! I'm so thankful He chose me and I get to take part in special words of knowledge occasionally.
    Several times at work when I'm struggling with the best way to deal with a student, God has shown me several times what would make the most impact with the child. Now, at work, I'm known as the "behavior expert." When I try to convince everyone I'm really now, I get a lot of "yeah, right" looks, but it has been a way for me to mention God to my coworkers.

  2. So cool, Lindi! And your story, too, Dianna!

    I've felt strong leadings before and now try to follow them. You just never know!

  3. I've had similar things happen. It's so neat when God leads us like that.