Monday, July 12, 2010

I Am Me--It's All I've Got!

Lindi here.

Have you ever been asked "If you could be anybody in the world, who would you want to be?"

Or how about "If you could look like anybody in the world, who would you look like?"

I've been asked those questions. I can't remember who I told people I would want to be, but I remember telling a lot of people if I could look like anyone in the world I would pick Elizabeth Hurley. I think she's gorgeous.

Lately I've been doing a lot of comparing. At the way people present themselves. The way they present material to an audience. The way people carry themselves. How about the way people act when they are around other people. I wonder how I'm perceived. It's really become something that has been roaming around my mind lately. Not that I think I want to "be someone" else but maybe more along the line of who I wish I was like.

Well, I'm most like me. I speak the way I speak. Present myself the way I present myself. If I'm in the Word of God and have Him in my heart I'm doing what I can. Being who I can be.

Not to say I'm not going to make mistakes. I make mistakes everyday. (Some worse than others!)

But I am who God created me to be. I need to focus on that aspect and quit trying to emulate others. Quit comparing myself to others.

I am who I am. Who God says I am.

How about you? Have you ever wished you could do something a little better? Have you ever been stuck in a rut trying to figure out who you are?


  1. Oh, I've definitely wished I could do something better, whether it was writing or just being a better person.

    Lately, I've been focusing on presentation because I'm going to the She Speaks Conference at the end of this month and I'm taking the Speaker Track. I will be giving a 3-minute and a 5-minute presentation. I've taught so many classes over the years that I've lost count and I've never been this nervous. But these 2 presentations have made me very nervous! I'll be presenting before the Proverbs 31 Speaking Ministry Team and I know that's why I'm nervous. I just keep reminding myself that they were in my shoes at some point! And I keep praying that God will speak to me to the women who are in the audience.

  2. Hi Edwina:

    I have also taught all my life and even own a seminar company; however, I can still get a little nervous if the speech is outside my comfort zone – that is, in a new situation I’m not used to.

    I have found two things that really help.

    One: get to the room early and stand at the lectern and absorb the ‘feel’ of the room. Memorize the room. Remove the nervousness that comes for being in an unknown environment.

    Two: just before you speak to the group try to create a strong feeling of love for the people in the audience. I like to say to myself: “I love these people and I want to share what I know with them in the hope of making their lives better.” Do this until you can feel the love. Once you feel the love, the speech becomes like talking to your family. This never fails to work for me.

    Good luck and I’d love to hear how your talks went. Remember: the audience wants you to do well.


  3. Hi Lindi:

    I see myself more as a WIP, that is, a self-actualizing human being who is more concerned with who I am becoming than who I would want to be. ‘Being’ is a moving target. I think it is a good idea to become your own role model and then always be improving on that.


  4. Vince, man, you always have deep thoughts. I'll have to remember the advice on public speaking too, in case I ever need it in the future.

    And, Edwina, good luck at the conference. God has placed you there for a purpose and everything you absorb/learn He will use.

    Lindi, I've often wished to be different, have different talents, different features, more money, but I don't think I've ever wanted to be someone else specifically. I'm working on being satisfied with who I am because God created me. Several years ago God started speaking to me about being satisfied with what He's given me. I still struggle with this from time to time, but I'm getting better at looking for the peace that comes with accepting where God has put me and who He made me to be.

  5. I love the thoughtful comments our blog gets! Vince and Dianna and Edwina, you are some of my favorite people. I read your comments every day.

    Lindi, I think emulating those we admire is crucial. It isn't about comparing (nope, don't do that) but about growing. A child emulates his parents as he learns to use a fork and speak. We emulate those who are ahead on the path so we can learn and grow too.

    But you are right that when we become over focused and want to "be" them or have what they have without putting in our own growth, that's not healthy.

    I get compared to other women on who I look like often. I've learned to take it like a compliment. But I do think it would be funny if just once those other women would be told they look like me ;-)

    Loving you all!

  6. Edwina-
    What a great opportunity for you. I've heard of the Proverbs 31 ministry. I've listened to it on the radio. I've never heard of the She Speaks conference. That sounds like something very exciting. Please let us know how it goes! I'll be praying for you.

  7. Vince,
    What great advice. I will have to remember those tips when I speak. And I love the aspect of being our own role model and improving on that. Thank you so much for your comments. They are always though provoking and awesome!!

  8. Dianna,

    Yep--you've got it down. He created us to be who we are---nobody different. And I think he created a really great you!!
    Thanks so much for all your help and the lunches on the south side. I love them!

  9. Ang,

    You're right about the comments on the blog. I love them, also.
    We do need to keep growing and learning.
    And I think the day is coming when someone tells someone else "Oh, you look like Angie B." I can see it, girl!