Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It Just Feels Right

Mindy here. Ever finish a story, then wonder what to work on next? I don't know about you, but I usually have several ideas floating around my head. I prayed about it and decided to focus on a story that has the makings of something big. Yet no matter how many things I had in mind, it just wasn't working. Everything I did felt forced.

About that time, another back-burner idea popped. And just like popcorn, once one kernel went, the others began to pop also. Thoughts on how the story should progress sprang to life. Invaluable research assets suddenly dotted my path. My heroine came to life.

This was right. The story God wanted me to work on right now.

How about you? How do you know which idea you're to act on? Is it a process, or do you just know?

Happy Tuesday :-)


  1. I just know. And when I know it feels right. I know that my first wip will be published someday - but I also know that now is not the time to pitch it. So I've sat it aside and am writing my second wip. And it feels right. :)

  2. Usually I can see the opening scene and know the ending. The characters backstory usually comes together quickly when I brainstorm with my crit partner. To me these things are like a green light God's giving me. Then, I have to fight with myself to do all the necessary background work before I start the story.

  3. Hi Mindy:

    As in advertising, you know you have a great idea (with legs) when the ad copy writes itself. Develop a high concept idea and the whole story will unfold before your eyes. You won’t be able to type fast enough to get it all down.

    But, beware of ‘false friends’. Even the best ideas can fade like a mirage. Always be prepared to start over – no matter how much you love your brain-child. This is very hard to do.

    I believe that God has many plans for each of us and that He gives us the choice to choose among them.


  4. Mindy,
    Nice post. I know what you mean. Especially when there are several different ideas running around in your head.
    I just had one over the weekend. Missy and I talked about it on the way down. Maybe there is something there.
    And also, like Vince says, the story will write itself. It's always fun when that happens.

  5. I agree about the feeling forced. When a story does that to me, I set it aside and see if it's supposed to have a day.

    My newest has me excited. I mean EXCITED! That's how I knew it was the right story.


  6. Like I said, it just feels right. When the words and ideas flow, we just know. Right gang?
    As for the other story I tried, I think it will have its day.
    Vince, I like the advertising angle. And I've already been contemplating how to make an editor as excited about this story as I am. The excitement is contageous.

  7. How exciting for you to be in that burst of inspiration moment. If only we could bottle it up, everyone would love to open it and breath it in every once and a while. Have fun with it!