Friday, July 9, 2010

R&R At Conference

Lindi here. R&R you ask?

Yes. You MUST make time for conference R&R. If you don't, by the time you get home you'll be so drained you'll cry at the least little thing. Or snap. Or zombie out at your house and your family won't see you for a couple of days.

But seriously, the ACFW conference offers so many cool things to do. Workshops, worship, some night sessions, book signings, a prayer room. It can become overwhelming, especially if you are a first time conference attendee.

I suggest you pace yourself and leave a little time for down time during the day. I know all the workshops sound great, but you can always buy the ones you missed after the conference. This will be especially helpful if there are two workshops you want to attend and they are at the same time.

It's pretty much useless to say "get to bed early!" Really, I've tried. There are so many people you only get to see at this conference, never mind the on-line connections you've made throughout the year. So socializing is a big part of the conference. Just remember if you're out late, you may want to get that 8 a.m. workshop on CD. Or, look ahead and see if you can work in some nap time later on.

The worship time is amazing. It is energizing-spiritually and physically. When you start to feel that dragging feeling, you can look back on that morning worship session and remember our strength comes from the Lord!

The ACFW conference is a wonderful event. Do as much as you can. But remember, leave a little time to sit back and soak in all that you are doing, the people you are meeting, the tons you are learning.

And don't forget to take a few moments to, you got it, RELAX!


  1. I've finally begun to understand the need for R&R. I will be taking a few minutes here and there at conference to allow my mind to slow down and process everything that gets jammed into it. So much information is amazing, but it can start to feel like I've eaten an entire pizza with my brain :-)

    So I agree with you, Lindi, that we all need to step back and breathe now and then at conference.

  2. Amen and amen, girlfriend. It's easy to overdue it at conference. You don't want to miss a thing. But those of us who have been-there-done-that know that you have to step down occasionally. It's not a the end of the world. Just a time to regroup and rest. Like God said, "Be still."