Thursday, July 29, 2010

Romance Writers of America Conference in Orlando!

Lindi and I are having a blast at the RWA conference! The first photo is the spectacular view from our hotel room. The other is of Lindi at one of the pools. We had a nice relaxing break yesterday after putting in a morning of writing. We also spent the evening at Epcot with Debby Giusti, Janet Dean and her husband, and Darlene Bucholz. What a fun time--and a spectacular dinner at the Bistro in "France."
Today, we had a fun lunch with Nancy Farrier and some of my Seekerville blogger pals: Myra Johnson, Ruth Logan Herne, Sandra Lee Smith, Janet Dean, and Debby Giusti (where Ruthy nabbed the last creme brulee off the dessert bar right out from under my nose!!). After lunch, we attended the Faith, Hope and Love chapter meeting--a wonderful fellowship with members. I went from there to the Literacy Autographing where I got to sign books with about 500 other authors. It's an amazing (and pretty much overwhelming!) event that raised money for literacy organizations.

Then I hurried from the signing to attend a dinner with two of the editors and several authors from BelleBooks (the publisher of my short story, part of Blessings of Mossy Creek). After dinner, I ran (well, not quite literally, but just about!) to the Bookseller's Best Award ceremony. Trish Perry won the inspirational category. I was thrilled just to be a finalist and to be in such good company.

The workshops start tomorrow (Thursday). I hope to learn lots and to share it in posts over the next few weeks!


  1. Hurray!
    news from Orlando. Sounds like you're all having a marvelous time!

    I appreciate the update!
    thanks Missy

  2. What a great time you seem to be having! Enjoy the week! I look forward to hearing what you learn!

  3. Aww, Missy!

    You have me drooling! You and Lindi look so good lounging at poolside : )

    Have a great time attending all the workshops and keep sending updates!!

  4. Hi all--yes we are having a great time. It's always fun rooming with Missy.
    And I'm excited about the workshops that start today. I feel in the mood to learn, absorb and just fill my brain with all kinds of good stuff.
    And the people----they are sooo nice. I'm loving all the Seekerville ladies and have met fabulous new friends and am seeing some great GRW pals today.
    Missy will check in later after diligently working on her book this morning.

  5. Wow! Sounds like y'all are "runnin'" all over the place. And the workshops haven't even started?!
    I know you're having a great time. Who wouldn't at Disney World? Wish I could join in the fun.

  6. Sounds like great fun! You'll need a vacation afterward :)