Monday, July 5, 2010

What Have I Been Missing?

Lindi here.

This is going to be really short. It's just that kind of a day.

God had called me to do something and for the last ten days I've been preparing. Part of my preparation has been looking in detail at all that is happening around me and wondering--is this from God? Did He want me to include this? How is this affecting that? I've been made aware of God in so many different ways. I've seen Him in so many places.

Which leads me to wonder how much I've missed because I haven't been looking.


Any thoughts?


  1. Hey Lindi! You sounded a little harassed. Second guessing God can do that to you so cut it out. During times like the one your going through, you have to believe that God will point out to you what is necessary for you to know and not worry about the rest.

    Giving you advice is infinitely better than me saying that nothing is happening here. And, I do mean NOTHING.

  2. I know that I miss a lot from God because I don't slow down or stop and listen and look.

    Thanks for the great reminder!!

  3. I do still get surprised when I think I'm looking and I miss something. But lately, I've found that God has even that in mind as he leads us. He knows our personalities. He knows how much we can absorb. He can even use our "misses" to create something amazing when we least expect it.